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  • what Says:

    sad, nobody has died of AIDS in my country since 2003 because drugs are freely available and subsidized. wonder how much aids drugs in brazil cost

  • Bjoern Says:

    I have written to Ming´s bosses to hear if the dreadful rumours concerning her death is true. I did this in late October. Since then no news has appeared.

    I have never been with her, but I have talked to her on occasions. Yes, she was something special. Apart from her apparent beauty she was always nice. Never pushy.

    I hope to see her again. In this life or the next one.


  • positive_but_hopeful Says:

    I hope everyone else is praying we find the cure to this awful demon of a disease within our lifetimes……….keep hope alive, and PUSH YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS TO SUPPORT HIV/AIDS RESEARCH!

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