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    Lisa Kage RIP 1976-2006

    ” Lisa was a friend of mine since I met her on my first shooting trip to New York in either 1998 or 1999. We became friends immediately and she is one of the few girls I’ve worked with whom I continued to have a fantastic platonic relationship. She was intelligent, fun, witty, sarcastic, educated, well-read, prone to exaggeration, classy, an absolute tease, a born exhibitionist, a terrible drinker, a huge eater, artistic and different in many ways to a majority of the girls I’ve met over the years. She was working in a mainstream job when we first met and was doing the adult film work mainly for the fun of it, as much as the money.

    My best memories of her were meeting her for lunch in Queens in 2001 – and she brought a picnic basket including champagne … in the middle of Queens! Tony Vee, Lisa and I took a day trip to Coney Island with Tony in the intention of doing a photoshoot but we ended up just going on the rides (where Lisa of course insisted on showing off).

    Lisa came out to Hawaii in 2003 to do some work with Frank and myself and we all had a great time.

    I’ve been in sporadic touch with Lisa over the last few years, mainly because I’ve rarely been East coast and more preoccupied with my own life. She last worked with us when she was in London to do some recording for a CD she was working on. She looked better than ever and Greg said she was great and in her usual high spirits.
    I had no idea that she had been ill and it seems that I’m not alone in that, it was something she’d kept to herself.

    I know my experiences with Lisa aren’t unique. I’ve spoken to many people over the years and a few recently who shared a bond with Lisa which extended past the normal work ethics. She didn’t just make you feel special, when you were with Lisa you were special – and so was she.”
    – seanchai Oct 25 2006

    Lisa Kage, black tgirl extraordinaire was 30 when she died of of an undisclosed illness.

    Lisa Kage RIP

    Lisa Kage RIP

    Lisa Kage having fun at the Waldorf Astoria

    Lisa Kage having fun at the Waldorf Astoria

    The lovely Lisa Kage

    The lovely Lisa Kage

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3 Responses

  • CD-Michelle Says:

    What a terrible loss ! A beautiful Chick and sorry I was never able to meet her.
    May her soul rest in peace !



  • michael Says:

    what the hell is going on how come we’re only hering of this now rip you beautiful woman

  • Raceheart Says:

    What a great loss, I had heard rumors but until now not sure of them. I had visited Lisa several times and she was a very classy gal. I loved seeing her and she was beautiful both inside and out. Really enjoyed her company !!

    She was one of the most beautiful and fun Tgirls I had ever visited. Very easy to talk to and always seemed to have a warm open heart.

    May she rest in peace..

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