• 15Sep2010

    The NJ Star Ledger Sept 13th 2010.

    “MAPLEWOOD — The victim of a fatal shooting in Maplewood on Sunday was a woman, not a man, as had first been reported, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office announced today.

    Victoria Carmen White was a post-operative transgender female having undergone sex reassignment surgery, the prosecutor’s office said. Her birth name was James White, the name authorities provided following her death.

    Her birth certificate was legally changed to reflect the new name. Her age was also incorrect; she was 28 years old, not 29.

    White, of Newark, was killed at 5 a.m. in a relative’s home on the 100 block of Jacoby Street. The case is still being investigated, and no arrest has been made or motive given.”

    Known to the internet adult community as model “Carmen” she made her first appearance on Franks Tgirlworld in 2005 and then re-appeared after her SRS surgery, photographing with Buddy Wood in late 2008 for Shemale Yum, who was informed by the model who’d made the introduction, yesterday.

    Candy was 28 when she was killed in the early hours of Sunday 13th Sept 2010.
    There is no further information at this time.

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6 Responses

  • Misa Lopez Says:

    Carmen was my dear friend i love her dearly!! R.I.P Carmen! xoxo i love u girl!

  • Nikki Hart Says:

    This is very sad, please keep us imformed. I have a candle I light in memory of my freinds that have died from hate crimes. I will light it her as well, take care Misa I’m very sorry.

  • Buddy Wood Says:

    She was a really sweet girl. We became friends and stayed in contact on and off for a while. Se was really funny and so beautiful. Very sad news!

  • pillok123 Says:

    This outrage on trans people in America has been heard in the UK.
    This seem not to be a one off case.
    People seem to think it is ok to abuse some one on there way of justifying
    “its only a queer”
    In 2010 and the continuing fight against terror and persecution on each other
    continues to rage on in our heads.
    No one should feel they have the right to justify in there heads on taking some one else’s life.

  • Jam Says:

    no one deserve to die or there a choice but when you play the fool or trick game that can happen would an transgender woman want an transgender man will what if he or she was fooled by the other no reason to die but you put yourself in an bad spot

  • Mikey Says:

    She was definitely one of the most stunning black girls on the scene. Such a waste.

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