Layia Lovely (aka Honey) murdered in Indianapolis, Xmas Day

It’s always sad to see one of the angels meeting an untimely death but somehow, around Xmas and the holidays it seems even more poignant and when it is as violent as the murder of Layia Lovely and her boyfriend.

The fact that the newspaper used mugshots of Layia (under her real name Avery Elzy) and her boyfriend, the unfortunately named Michael Hunt and the subsequent commentary at that papers website revealing their criminal record of theft, drug use and forgery, doesn’t detract from the fact, that they were killed and nobody has reasons yet. It seems a large amount of the TS community that we work with (in the adult industry) do have criminal records and associations with violent persons which is why we tend to see younger people, dying.

Layia had just worked once with Grooby Productions and I’m unaware of any other sites she’s appeared on. Frank returned to his home city of Indianapolis in July and managed to photograph a few new tgirl models, Layia being one and she featured on his site, Franks Tgirlworld in October.

When informed of her death, Frank stated;

“I had just photographed her a few months ago. I remember that she was quiet at first but very nice. She told me she was a hair dresser on the North Side and that she would sometimes hire other TS if they were good with hair. She told me she had a husband and they had been together for a few years and that his family had accepted them.

She seemed like she really had her head on straight. I really liked her maturity.

I ran into Layia and Mona Lisa at the Circle in Indianapolis just before I left. They were Downtown checking out all of the motorcyclesas it was the weekend after the Moto GP Race. We chatted for a while and had coffee.

I am very saddened by this story.”

The Indy Star:
Authorities on Saturday released the identities of two people found dead in a Northside home.

Avery Elzy, 34, and Michael Hunt, 22, were found dead late Friday afternoon in a home in the 5800 block of Rosslyn Avenue. Police say they were victims of homicide.

Police continued to withhold information about the cause of their deaths pending autopsy results.
Investigators also said they remain uncertain of the motive.

Police received a call about 4:30 p.m. Friday, asking officers to check on the home’s residents, who had not been in contact with the caller for two days. The men’s bodies were found inside.
Anyone with information is asked to contact the homicide branch at (317) 327-3703 or Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS (8477).

Layia was 34 when she died on Christmas Day 2008.

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