• 26Oct2010

    Jezebel Yum, who has previously been known as Ruby or Jenna on a number of websites, including Shemale Yum, Franks Tgirlworld, Bob’s Tgirls, Shemale Strokers and Shemale Pornstar took her own life, on the evening of Monday 18th October at approx. 9.45pm.

    Jezebel was a colourful character and often could be found at various Tgirl nights around the Hollywood and Los Angeles area and with her assertive personality, voracious sense of humour and a few drinks, she was hard to miss. My first encounter with her, she mistook me for somebody else and threatened to slap Bob and I! When the mistake had been rectified she was funny and vivacious and I was lucky enough to meet her a few times outside the realms of the club scene.

    As a model, she wasn’t always the easiest to work with but once on set, ready to shoot she delivered some of the best scenes of recent years. Her debut was in 2006 on Shemale Yum at the age of 21 but it was her work on Shemale Pornstar that produced two particularly good sets, one as a “Genie Jezebel” and the other a military style, desert shoot were very well received. Jezebel had a fairly unique look, or so we thought until she changed it up to peroxide blonde for a while in 2009, which went down very well!

    I don’t think it’s unfair to say that Jezebel was a fairly troubled girl and had a volatile temperment. Whatever decision she made to take her own life on the night of 18th October, judging by comments left, she left a lot of family and friends behind who cared very much for her.

    Jezebel Yum was 24 when she died by suicide.

    Genie Jezebel 2009

    Blondie Jezebel

    Jezebel in 2006 1st shoot

    The tgirl party at Blue Moon Nights, on Thurs 18th Oct, is donating it’s door money to Jezebel’s family to help with the funeral dancers and some of the dancers will be donating their dancer money to the same cause. Updated news on this will be on HungDevils.com

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7 Responses

  • RIPHER Says:

    I must say that I will really miss her. Jezebel was what I think 1 of the hottest girls on the net. She had a great smile and beautiful body. We will all miss her very dear.

  • TB Says:

    Here is a link to a news blog that became a tribute blog of sorts for Jenna and seems to include a few posts from some of her family. While a few of the early comments were uncalled for, however the majority of the posts do honor her memory.


    I think the fact that this space has been dedicated to the memory of these ladies says a great deal about the organization who hosts it. Some businesses do have character and hart. I tip my hat.

  • Peter G. Says:

    Too bad, i really feel sorry, not because the world lost a sexy tgirl, but because, i see it, and i dont know… i guess, i see more humanhood in tgirls, than in the rest of the world… i dont know why… but again, its sad, not because we lost a sexy girl, but because we, still losing pretty humman beings, if a beautiful being, takes the choise of taking her own life… it must be, because we as world, as socieity, as people, are crap…

    Its too sad, hope, the people, will become more smart and less asshole in the next century, but as Galileo once tought, i guess i will be wrong too…

    So, tgirls, you are very valuable humman beings, please dont do this, you have people who loves you as friend, as couple, as family, as … many things, please dont do this, and take much care of your self please…

    In spanish:

    Muy mal, me siento triste, no porque el mundo haya perdido una trans muy sexy, sino porque perdio un ser humano muy valioso, las trans son seres humanos muy bonitos, creo yo, que en ellas es donde eh visto mas humanidad en nuestra especie, asi que la tristeza, no es por perder una chica sexy, sino porque otro buen ser humano, lleno de suenos e ilusiones, pasa a avandonar nuestro mundo, por desicion propia, y en un mundo, donde un ser tan bello y lleno de amor, toma esa dificil decicion, seguramente es un indicador, de que como sociedad, humanidad, y civilizacion, somos una total porqueria…

    Esperaria que el proximo siglo, la gente se vuelva mas humana, menos prejuiciosa, sin embargo, como Galileo, yo tambien me equivocare, lo se, casi puedo apostarlo…

    Pero animo trans, ustedes son unos seres humanos muy hermosos, por dentro y por fuera, por favor no tomen esa dificil decicion, hay mucha gente que las ama, de formas variadas, como amigas, parejas, parientes, etc, por favor, no lo hagan, y cuidense mucho.

    PS: RIP Jezebel.

  • tpkshark Says:

    Today I´m free and searching info,only for curiosity,I discover some famous transexual models were dead.I´m surprised because they were too young.
    Peter G are right in their words.I think there are a lot of transexuals femenine and sweet.
    I´m a bit sad after reading it.Why you did that,Jenna?And why you do that that day,after one of my best days the last year? Peter G has right,this world is rotten.

  • Dado Says:

    … I’m so sorry ! … rest in peace sweet Jezebel not be forgotten …

  • Liz Sanchez Says:

    I knew Ruby. We met at the Yukon when we were 17-18. She was a good friend. A bit insecure, but she was a good friend. I remember hanging out with her, and another friend who also passed away; our times together were always great!!! We would smoke green, and would always have a blast… Anyone who has anything negative to say about her is probably a sorry trick who probably got kicked out of her room for being a cheap ass, loser, no good for nothin!!!! Love you Ruby!!! See you some day soon… Liz

  • Liz Young Says:

    i have seen a lot of people that were suicidal recover, and i am sad that some never get that chance.

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