• 24Feb2011

    We received word on Feb 18th that Cane Carrington had taken his own life, from both his friend and colleague, Remy and a number of models who were also very close to him.

    Cane started as a camera assistant/general assistant with Remy on shoots that were mainly done for Black-Tgirls. His personality and humour put the models at ease and helped the shoots go smoothly. Many of the models became friends with him at this time. When Remy started shooting hardcore scenes for the website, he was looking for a male performer and it seemed a natural choice, for Cane to take. Good looking, in great shape, into the girls and easy to work with he excelled in a number of shoots (many which still have yet to be seen) including ones with Sasha, Unique, Luxury and Sheeba Starr. His scene with Brittany St.Jordan for Shemale Yum, in Dec ’10 was very well received and “smoking hot” as one member described it.

    It came as a great shock to his friends when they heard the news and although many knew that he had troubles, none suspected it was as serious as he took them. Some of his friends left YouTube tributes to him:

    “A few months later it was decided that I would be doing my first hardcore scene and that Cane would be the male talent working with me. The entire production was amazing and working with Cane their was a certain on-set chemistry that made the final product one of the most amazing scenes I could have ever hoped to a part of. I count myself as extremely fortunate to have had to opportunity to not only work with Cane but to have known him as the kindhearted easy going gentleman that made being on set a positive experience for everyone.

    Every death is a tragedy but when it is someone as an all around great person such as Cane the loss is amplified with all of the hope and promise we saw in him. There is no way to express the amount of emptiness that will be left without Cane no longer in this world but instead of focusing on the sadness I would rather focus on remembering Cane being the happy smiling guy on set making everyone laugh and enjoy being around him. “ … Brittany St.Jordan 21.02.11

    Our condolences go out to his friends and family.

    Cane Carrington was 31 when he took his own life.

  • 13Sep2008

    First posted in AVN.com

    Fabio Scorpion, a Brazil-based bisexual adult performer who appeared in Evil Angel and other productions shot there, suffered a fatal heart attack during calf implant surgery, Evil Angel reported Wednesday.

    Scorpion was 31, said Evil Angel’s Jeff Marton.

    “There’s no damn justice in the world when a guy that is this beloved goes like this,” Marton said. “It’s just so sudden. It just tells me there’s no God.”

    Marton said he learned of Scorpion’s death in a Rio plastic surgery clinic on Tuesday from Brazilian-based Evil Angel director Stanlay Miranda, who frequently used Scorpion in his productions.

    According to Marton, Scorpion went to the clinic late last week for calf implants, but had a bad reaction to the anesthesia and hit his head during a fall, prompting him to be hospitalized. Scorpion spent several days in the hospital, then checked himself out Sunday night. On Tuesday, he went back to the clinic to try the calf implant procedure again, and during the attempted surgery, he suffered a fatal heart attack.

    “I can’t believe he went back again,” Marton said, “and I can’t believe the clinic let him. They never did complete the procedure.”

    Scorpion also appeared in titles directed by Evil Angel head John Stagliano and Evil Angel director Joey Silvera.

    Scorpion’s credits include Miranda’s Rio Carnival Orgy 2 and 3 and Best Ass in The World; Silvera’s Rogue Adventures 5, 9, 20 and 21; and Stagliano’s Buttman’s Anal Divas and Buttman’s Bend Over Brazilian Babes 3. Scorpion also appeared in titles from other companies, including Elegant Angel’s Transposed 4, 5 and 7.

  • 13Sep2008

    Video Bob 1953-2004

    Video Bob, the larger than life photographer who has photographed many models over the past five years that have appeared across the Grooby sites died on Sunday aged 50.

    Due to respecting his privacy I’ll be vague about certain details. Bob started as a member of Shemale Yum in 1996 and soon started corresponding with me as a fellow fan of the girls, he then began sending copied TS tapes for my enjoyment as they were unavailable in the UK, this led to us meeting in Florida and Bob starting editing some tapes of mine
    Bob started shooting in 2001 and after a few hits and misses he became a regular photographer getting many great shoots for Shemale Yum but really finding his niche with black shemales all over Florida who appeared on Black Tgirls.

    In 2001 Bob and I flew to Brazil to shoot the first VHS/DVD release from Grooby Productions, “Shemale Yum takes on Brazilian Transexuals”, Bob shot many of the scenes and edited all the tapes he continued to work on all the tapes right through to “Butt Surfing Shemales” which he passed on because of other work committments.

    Bob was possibly the most irritating person I’ve met. He had an incredible knack of annoying people by doing very little. Luiz in Brazil would call him “But Bob”, because after Bob had just had the best meal in Brazil, been wined and dined and met-up with a cute little trannie for the night…when asked in the morning how was his night, he’d reply;
    “It was good BUT……”.

    Bob, Frank and I once had a night in Vegas accompanied by Alannah Starr, Saigon Lee, Ivy, Gia Darling, Joanna Jet and three more gorgeous girls – after being limo’d around town, VIP’d at every club, danced and cuddled with the girls and basically had what some people would pay $1000’s for…Bob complained because he couldn’t get any free sex. Despite all this he had a child-like quality to him, excitable, petulant, sometimes naive and always putting himself into amusing situations (amusing to those around him) his stories will go down in our history as legendary.

    Bob was larger than life, his appetite for food, fun and girls was voracious. Whether looking at a buffet or a naked girl, his expression would be a cross between Marty Feldman and Peter Boyle from “Young Frankenstein”. Since working with us over the last few years he realized what he truly loved to do – photograph the tgirls.

    Bob lived large. His presence will be missed by all the Grooby crew as well as the 100,000’s of members who have enjoyed his photos and video clips over the years. I suspect the stories about him will continue for a long while…

    We pass our sympathies onto his wife.

  • 13Sep2008

    Eric aka Somchai aka Sombat aka Todger. You will be missed …

    A longtime photographer for Ladyboy Ladyboy and a very Grooby guy, Eric (aka Somchai aka Sombat aka Todger) died on Saturday after a battle with cancer.
    Many people knew Eric had been ill with colon cancer and it looked like he had it beaten, his spirits were back up, he’d restarted shooting for the sites (after only a short break) and
    when Frank and I saw him in April, he was very excited about his project, LBLB Forum which we were doing together. Only a month later, he called to say he’d been given 6 months to live as the cancer had spread.
    His wife was with him throughout his whole illness and when he died.

    A Brummie by birth, most would have taken him for almost a Geordie … having lived and worked in the North East of England for most of his life, he talked and looked the part. He’d been coming to Thailand
    for many years, eventually settling in Pattaya area where he was well known among the ladyboys and the girls.
    Eric first started working for us in June 2003, shooting many natural type Pattaya ladyboys and frequenting the bars that many members had never heard of. His work grew better
    as his eagerness to improve his photography (and pornography) skills grew and he has produced some of the most memorable shots and models on Ladyboy Ladyboy over the past 5 years.

    Eric and I spend more time together over the last 3 yrs, he was an integral part of any Grooby trip to Thailand using his knowledge of the local scene to get us around the town. He was in turns infuriating, drunk, embarressing and lecherous – but also generous, jovial and
    gentleman-like. I think most of his friends would agree, Eric was not the best drunk and often a figure of controversy in the local bar and ex-pat scene.

    The transsexual porn world has lost one of it’s true characters. The ladyboys of Pattaya one of their main benefactors. Grooby has lost a great photographer and contributor and fans and travelers to Pattaya will miss his
    regular reports on the scene there as well has his generous pointers on where to meet specific ladyboys.

    I’ve lost a friend and a fellow ladyboy afficionado. Keep on rocking, Eric!

    A selection of Eric’s work over the years…


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