A Letter from Bob from Bob’s TGirls

I lost two of my friends Laura and Sylvia Boots on the same day in March 2002 when Sylvia accidentally killed Laura with a pistol. Sylvia had a longstanding feud with another transsexual Tonya. I’m not going to get into all the things Tonya did and had done to Sylvia here. But one Sunday evening Sylvia saw Tonya, Laura and another friend Monica at the Yukon Mining Company restaurant, which was a 24 hour diner and popular after hours transgender hangout in West Hollywood.

The way I see it is that Sylvia decided to do something to alter Tonya’s behavior toward her. Sylvia caught Tonya in the restroom and beat her up some. They were kicked out of the restaurant. Then Sylvia made a fateful decision. She went back to her vehicle and got a pistol. She pulled it on Tonya outside the restaurant and pointed it at her. Laura and Monica were standing on either side of Tonya. An altercation ensued. Tonya grabbed the gun and they struggled with it. During the struggle, it went off and hit Laura. Laura was rushed to the hospital and Sylvia was arrested.

I received a phone call shortly after this happened as other friends were in the restaurant and the word spread fast. A few friends and I including Laura’s roommate Paulina met up and went to Cedar’s Sinai together. There must have been about a dozen of us in a waiting room when the doctor came in and announced that Laura was dead.

The end result was Laura lost her life. Sylvia was sentenced to 45 years to life. Paulina who was getting cleaned up off drugs with Laura’s help went back to being a drug addict. And Tonya who instigated the whole thing walked away. The scene was never the same here in LA again. All of this because of one catty, hateful bitch. Sylvia was always nice with me and of all the girls I know she’s not one I would have picked as likely to be involved in something like that. I was much closer to Laura. We had a casual friendship, but close enough that she liked introducing me to people as her husband. I’ll always miss her.

There is also a rumor that Tonya died a year or two ago due to complications from silicone pumping. Ironically Tonya was famous for pumping girls. Laura’s tush was actually Tonya’s best work. But Tonya is also alleged to have accidentally killed a couple of girls and injured others.

-Bob from Bobs-TGirls.com