Ecstatic / Ernie – Man of Many Talents

Ernie otherwise known as Ecstatic had been on the skirts of the industry for a couple of years, as an original member of, and early social media before he turned his hand to producing content for models, for their own sites. He had a brief spell producing for Grooby, but he’ll be mainly remembered and loved for his own site, which specialised in Filipino trans girls, giving them a platform and a voice – as well as his partnerships with many girls including Krissy4U, Wendy Summers and his good friend Tempest ( among others. With a technical background, he was well placed to help girls get their sites launched and host them at a fraction of what other companies would have offered – and he brought his friendship and love of all things trans, as a free bonus! As well as hosting, he was involved in the webmastering of the site, marketing and all the small things that come from digital media sales.

Ernie, along with Tempest were regular sponsors and guests at the TEA Awards where they had many friends, or became friends with everyone they met. Ernie was genuinely, and I don’t believe I could find anyone who would disagree, one of the nicest people you could meet, with a kind word for everyone. Ernie wasn’t in the industry so much as to make money for himself, but to help many models get their sites off the ground and running, when they otherwise wouldn’t have been able. He seemed to enjoy being part of the process. I know that there are many who are grateful to him for his suppport and friendship over the years.

I’d been aware Ernie had been ill for some time, and Tempest informed me in early November 2023 that he’d passed.

I hope that Ernie’s life outside of the character we met and loved, was as happy and as joyous as he seemed. He was a unique individual, who was at the earliest onset of the internet and subsequently the birth of digital trans porn, and we don’t see people like him any longer in this industry. I’ll cherish his memory of meeting the man, and knowing how many people he touched, over 25 years – and send my love and respects to those who knew him more than I, and have lost a friend.

RIP Ernie/Ecstatic.

I just got the news
I am saddened to hear of your journey’s end
In this world
I have thought of you often
As I always will
In this world
But I know that there are golden shores
Far beyond where we have walked
In this world
And some day I will see your smiling face
Your radiant joyous stride as you greet me
Far far beyond,
This world
RIP Ernie

Love always – Tempest

Zae – Femout Model Passed

We were informed today that a model that appeared on Femout a number of times has sadly passed, on Sept 5th.

This has been republished from her obituary;

We mourn the loss of our beautiful Z___ and celebrate the journey of her life. Z___ was determined, from a very young age, to live the life she knew she wanted and be the girl she always knew she was. It wasn’t an easy path to get there, but that didn’t stop her from accomplishing everything she wanted by the age of 24. Her true journey was only beginning, heartbreaking it was cut so short.

Z___ loved life; she loved her life. Her confidence could fill a room, her laugh was contagious and will be missed around the house so much. She had big dreams, and nothing was out of reach in her mind. Everything she said she was going to do, she did. She lived her best life every day, despite all the setbacks and challenges she faced along the way. Nothing stopped Z___ from accomplishing her goals! Z___ worshiped her mom, and that bond was like no other. Her love for family and friends was so strong, words cannot express how much she will be missed by all that were lucky enough to know her.

Zae was 24 years old when she died. We have no further details.

Our respects and love to her family and friends.

Paris Brawner – Passed Away

We just received the news that Grooby Girl, Paris Brawner passed away last month. We’re not led to believe anyone else was involved in her death.

Paris worked on Grooby Girls from 2013-2020, and BobsTgirls in 2021 and appeared in at least 20 scenes, all produced by Omar Wax in her home state of Texas.

We pass on our love and respects to Paris’s friends and family.

Paris was 28 when she died on June 3 2023.

Nala – Passed Away

We received the sad news that Nala passed away in her sleep earlier this week.

Originally from Oklahoma, she was an extremely popular and regular fixture on our sites, and produced content with Omar Wax. Her debut shoot was back in 2015, and she last appeared in 2018 having shot over 30 sets for BlackTgirls and

Our thoughts are with her friends and family.

We have no further information to the cause of her death.

Nala and I met online. She was young, vibrant and full of life. She had a knack for commanding a room whenever present. Not to be mistaken as arrogance but a confidence that could be a bit intimidating if you didn’t know her. Once you get pass the superficial layer of physical beauty anyone could see just how special of a human being she was. Her intelligence and quick-wit keeps you engaged in the conversation. Rarely a dull moment.

Her and I shared the commonality of being from small towns. So we could relate with one another on most real-life situations regarding our upbringing.

We had a solid work relationship. I think still until this day she is one of the most filmed models that I have ever worked with. Even considering we had not worked together since 2017/18.

She will forever be a part helping me obtain some level of notability in the industry for which I am grateful. Such beautiful soul. She will be sorely missed.” – Omar Wax

Nala was 27 when died.

Kayla Moon – Murdered.

MICHIGAN – Grooby confirmed the death of popular trans performer, Kayla Moon (Asia Davis), as reported by local news outlets. Kayla was shot to death at a Highland Park hotel in Michigan on June 1, 2023. No suspects have been arrested at this time. Kayle was only 34 years old. 

“This no longer comes as a surprise,” stated Grooby CEO, Steven Grooby. “While it’s still shocking to us, the rate and amount of trans people being murdered by violence, and especially trans women of colour continue to increase. Our performers, Chastity Cheeks and Kandii Redd, were both murdered in the last 12 months and the amount of anti-trans rhetoric, anti-trans laws, and the viciousness of the media have to take responsibility for this.”

Kayla Moon first appeared on a Grooby site in 2012 and next appeared in 2021 with a new look and quickly became one of the most requested models, appearing in solo and partnered shoots produced by Kilakali for and  Her sets were among the most popular on the sites, and she’d just returned to shoot with Grooby this past May. The company will be showing the sets as a tribute to her on, directing its members to information about her death and offering members the opportunity to donate to charity in her memory. 

Grooby Producer KilaKali stated, “I saw Kayla a little less than a month ago, and I am devastated to hear about her passing.  She was a great model and an even better friend.  We were very close and I am going to miss her from the late-night video chats to just overall hanging out in person. I love you, girl, and will see you on the other side.”

“How can we be surprised that trans deaths by violence are increasing when there are people in our own industry, which in 2023 is meant to be inclusive and acceptive, who still are allowed to preach their transphobic views on industry boards, or deny that there is a problem, and instead choose to blame it on the victim,” continued Steven Grooby.  “We’re sick of it. These are people being killed. They have lives, friends, and family and they are targeted because not enough people are standing up for what is right, and calling out bigotry when they see it. If you are transphobic, homophobic, racist, or misogynist, then there is no place in this industry for you.”

Kayla was 34 years old when she was murdered.

The news article about Kayla’s death can be accessed here: