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Posted on Saturday, 27th September 2008 by Damazo

Normally producers that make Tranny porn shoot in Sao Paulo. Its easy there, all models know how it works and know how good is be in a good website but Brasil is so big and we can find pretty t-girls everywhere. Problem is convence them make what we need

I already shoot in many cities but PORTO ALEGRE is one of my favorites. So nice people , a little (A LOT) cold (its in south of coutry very near Uruguai) and HOT babes. You ll NOT see these models in other big sites that works with brazilian stuff  because is so far of brazilian big cities (RIO/SAO PAULO)

Well its easy understand it, Porto Alegre is so far RIO / SAO PAULO axis and shemales in cities like this dont see internet with same eyes. In 80’s and 90’s so many trannies used newspapers for bring clients but its dead in big cities now after internet except places like Porto Alegre. I saw so many amazing models in the streets but many dont wanna do full naked sets then i cant shoot what made me frustrated. Funny thing is that normally t-girls that work in these cities move to Rio or Sao Paulo for get better customers and after that do the full naked sets without any problem. Well, thats way of life

Actually that was my second time there, first was in 2005 with FRANK and was amazing too. I hope u guys enjoy these models, many already avaliable in BRAZILIAN TRANSSEXUALS


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Posted on Saturday, 27th September 2008 by Damazo

Ok fellows its timne to start my blog

Idea is bring u infos about brazilian tranny  scenary showing cool things

I really hope have good feed backs and good interaction here




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