Grooby Chat 
Bigsherri: Hiii

Bigsherri: I'm a first timer here in Manitoba Canada

Bigsherri: Looking to come out of the closet n ready to get some breast implants n butt implants too

Bigsherri: Can anyone help me. Email me

Bigsherri: Or maybe text my cell phone 2048213774

Bigsherri: Never been with a guy before yet

Bigsherri: Mmmmmmmm

Dominantsubmisiv: How do I become a male performer

Dominantsubmisiv: I wanna be a male performer

Bigsherri: I wanna be a bottom preformer

bxguy420: nyc anyone?

Charlie1133: Hey Boston

Charlie1133: Never been with a a third or got fucked or sucked cock before

Charlie1133: Anyone there

yurimyeon: wow. this exists.

yurimyeon: hitler did nothing wrong. grooby supports trump.

Latinbottom: Hi guys

JessieSterling: Heyy yall

JessieSterling: Boston Tgirl

JessieSterling: Has anyone signed up to model or perform on grooby

Tsmistyfoxx: Yeah i have

Tsmistyfoxx: Come visit me

Tsmistyfoxx: And

Erickaswallows321: Hey hii

Erickaswallows321: I signed up I live in csli

Erickaswallows321: I'm a CD hopefully transitioning and finding a Daddy and being a house slave on the sode

Sexlivetour: Hi

Sexlivetour: Skype?

Sexlivetour: hi

Bullitt12344: U.K. Third lover for skype

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