Grooby Chat 



LanaHeart: The site seems pretty quiet still

Sacredheart: Hey

Sacredheart: New here how's it going everyone

Sacredheart: Any single ladies in the room

Kinkyraj: Hi

Kinkyraj: Hi

crystalcruz: hello

Sexxxy_Slim: Hiya


SalaciousShana: more of an answering machine arrangment

SalaciousShana: but without the e missing

Strongbttmtx: Any here?

tsvenus: hey


tsvenus: single lady here

Markzilla: What up

Markzilla: Brand new here

Johnnypanties: Hello everyone

Newhere: Hii

Newhere: Hello

Newhere: Anyone

Teaser69420: Hey miss venus

Teaser69420: Hi newhete

Teaser69420: Still here Newhere

Teaser69420: Anyone hang ing on in here

Teaser69420: You still here johnny pantoes

Teaser69420: Hey hoe you doing

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