Grooby Chat 
Irishgiy: Im here ha how are ye two beauriful ladies

NatChen: hiya, just doing computer work, figured I'd check this out

NatChen: my internet is going hecka slow

Becca Benz: Hey Natalie : Hey Irishgiy smile

Irishgiy: Same i just seen about this on twitter and said i would take a look hey becca

Becca Benz: Yeah, I didn't realize there was a chat room until I noticed the link on the Grooby site

NatChen: I used to idle in the Cosplay Deviants chat room a lot, but I never have too much to say in these things

Irishgiy: Must be new then ya i seen the link on your twitter

Irishgiy: With all these new messaging apps chat rooms like these are not too common anymore but hey not every day i get to chat with sexy ts ladys

Becca Benz: Yeah, I thought the same thing about chat rooms kind of being obsolete these days

Becca Benz: Hope everyone has a great weekend smile

Irishgiy: Same to you sexy

NatChen: sorry not very chatty. Doing paperwork stuff

Irishgiy: No problem sexy

Txmedic: Hello grooby world

Amatsukamixxx: Great singing hun wink

Lythielyn: beep boop

irishtslover: hey all, how is everyone today? irish guy in london here smile

KelliBlue: Just popped in to say "hi"

KelliBlue: love your blogs Becca Benz

ngc5010: how do you become a model for black tgirls and where do they shoot videos

Delidave: Hello people! And happy Saturday hey hows everyone doing hello anyone in here

Becca Benz: @ngc5010 This link will take you to the Grooby website where you can apply to be a model. Good luck smile

Becca Benz: Thanks for reading my blog KelliBlue and for the kind words; it's much appreciated smile

Becca Benz: Hope everyone is having a good week so far smile

Outlanderr: Hello everyone


Becca Benz: Happy Hump Day!

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