Review: Tony Vee’s New York Shemales Vol 3!

Tony Vee’s New York Shemales Vol 3 is the latest installment to the popular series. It does not disappoint–it’s a great addition to the series. It was released exclusively for VOD, which means that you can have it right NOW.

Here is a scene-by-scene breakdown of the movie,  so you can buy the scenes you like…or even buy ’em all!

First up is Angelina, and in true Tony Vee cinematic style, her and Pito are already tonguing each other on the couch. She pulls down his jeans and sucks his cock, taking its entire length in her mouth. They both take off their clothes and while Angelina bends over on the couch, Pito greedly tongues her tight she-pussy. Tony Vee gets right in the middle of all the action with some awesome ass shots.  Pito stands and thrusts into Angelina’s mouth, spilling his juices all over her face. The scene doesn’t end there, though! Angelina bends over and Pito plows into her like a jackhammer on its highest speed, all you hear is moaning and  the distinct sound of his balls hitting her ass. She then rides his cock while jerking herself off. The scene ends with Pito cumming all over her face while Angelina continues to suck his cock!

“I have a surprise for you,” Mariah Lynn tells him, ushering in her new guest. “Her name is Cherry.”  Cherry and Mariah take their time with each other, while Mariah caresses Cherry’s perfect body.You might think the surprise is Cherry herself, but in actuality the surprise is what Cherry is hiding under the lacy panties. Mariah pulls down her underwear to reveal Cherry’s hard cock! While Mariah sucks on Cherry’s stick, you can see Tyler in the corner jerking himself off. Nothing turns himself on more than watching his girlfriend with a hot transsexual! He decides he can’t be a bystander any longer and licks Mariah’s wet pussy while she sucks on Cherry’s cock. Things really heat up when Mariah rides Cherry’s cock AND sucks off Tyler at the same time! But now it’s Cherry’s turn to be the center of attention as Mariah and Tyler take turns sucking her she-cock. The grand finale comes when you see Cherry fucking Tyler while he fucks Mariah from behind.

I’m not sure how it’s possible, but Tyler wanted MORE after his hot threesome so he heads on over to Malynda’s house for some action. My favorite part of this scene is when Tyler tongues Malynda’s she-pussy while jerking her off from behind. She’s is writhing around on the couch, overwhelmed in ecstasy, ready to be fucked. But then instead, Malynda fucks Tyler from behind. She has to go slow with him, inserting her cock very slowly inside of him. When she’s completely inside him, she begins thrusting slowly, increasing in speed as he moans louder and louder. After she pulls out, he finishes her off on the couch, watching as she cums all over herself. He massages her jizz all over her smooth skin.

Marylyn looks like the hottest school girl I’ve ever seen. As soon as the scene begins, you can see her boner peeking out from her plaid skirt. Her shirt is unbuttoned, open, and her plaid tie is hanging between her supple breasts. Ant slides right in to get her cock in his mouth. She pushes his head down on her cock so he takes the entire length of it in his mouth. He takes his time sucking her cock, you can tell that he’s enjoying it immensely. Finally, though, he gets a turn and she sucks him off, all before fucking him with that huge cock of hers! She really plows into him, fucking him while standing up!  The scene finishes with her shooting cum all over his face.

Nothing is hotter than a sexy TS and GG together, so I love seeing TS Nicole and GG together in this scene. The scene begins in the car with them making out and escalates quickly by the time they reach the house. Nicole seems shy at first, but Ginger puts her at ease as she strokes her off. There is something incredibly sensual about seeing them together. They’re gentle with each other, caressing their bodies. Ginger takes Nicole’s cock in her mouth, going slow first to get her warmed up. They move over to the bed where Nicole uses a vibrator on Ginger, while sucking on her nipples. They move to the mirror dresser (the one infamously seen in many of Tony Vee’s best sets) and Nicole fucks Ginger while she spreads her legs sitting on the dresser. Ginger then puts on a strap-on and fucks the hell out of Nicole back on the bed! The scene ends with Nicole jerking off while standing above Ginger (who’s still lying in bed), finally spilling cum all over her naked body.


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