Grooby Comics #24 – Unexpected Results

Grooby Comics

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Grooby Comics #23 – Tricky Tranny

Grooby Comics

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Grooby Comics #22 – Be Careful What You Wish For

Grooby Comics

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Grooby Comic #19 – When Technology Works Against Us

Grooby Comics #19

And Louie was so excited about getting that new camera! For more background on this comic, keep an eye on  Grooby Steven’s blog.

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Grooby Comics #18 – A Rose By Any Other Name

Grooby Comics #18

Want to hear Grooby Steven’s thoughts on this? Head on over to the Grooby Steven blog.

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Grooby Comics #17 – The Frank Factor Strikes Again!

Grooby Comics #17

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New Grooby Comic … The Good Ship Grooby!

Never take trannies on the ocean

If you are a member of Shemale or Brazilian Transsexuals you may remember the outrageous boat shoot, where we took 12 Brazilian shemales and a bunch of guys out to sea … well we repeated it a few years later on a slightly rougher sea, and all the girls got sick 🙂

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Model has shit … Shemale almost pukes

Farting and Pooping in Shemale Shoot

The latest installment in the Grooby comics … which seem to be going down rather well.
The only difference from the above strip and the true story … in real life, he was sat on a toilet in the studio and the model and the photographer had to watch … as well as listen.

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Grooby Comics #13 – The PK Files

Our latest addition to the Grooby comics. These are all based on true stories. I actually remember PK telling me about this! For more background on the real story, keep an eye on Grooby Steven’s blog.

Grooby Comics

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Kelly Shore in elevator sex.


A fun look at the transsexual adult industry from the eyes of the insiders. To see the full story behind this, go to the Grooby Steven Blog

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Grooby Comic #9

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Grooby Comics #7

Here’s our latest installment of our increasingly popular, Grooby comics. Remember, these are all based on the true adventures (and mishaps) of the Grooby family. If you’re interested in learning the real stories behind the cartoons, keep checking Grooby Steven’s blog.  He’s already revealed the sources of Comics #5 and #6 here.

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Grooby Comics #5 and #6

The latest Grooby Comics … to see the real story behind this take a look at Grooby Steven Blog

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Totally true. Tony Vee and I were in Las Vegas at the AVN show back in 2000 and had a few tgirls from Hawaii with us. We ended up talking to these fairly average looking black shemales in the bar at the Stratosphere. We talked them into doing a shoot (actually Tony did) the next day with us, and to be fair, we had a good few drinks in us.
They turned up for the shoot the next day and I’ve never got it out of Tony how far he got into the shoot before realizing that they had vaginas … so he give them $50 and sent them on their way.

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Grooby Cartoon #2: When a black shemale cock is too big.

Our second weekly comic strip featuring Grooby’s Shemale Adventures over the years, while obviously not quite true was based on the best guess as to what might happen. An employee of ours, a notorious shemale cock hound who loved to get fucked was desperate to go to Brazil, specifically to meet huge cocked, black shemale Suzanna Holmes. I’ve never seen the attraction in Suzanna – apart from the huge meat she has swinging between her legs, she’s really not an attractive shemale.

Our employee was short of stature … and to the best of our measurements it would kill him. Unfortunately, he never went to Brazil and we never got the chance to see this moment in action (or get on camera). It always amazes me how some TS lovers forgo looks of the girl over penis size, it reminds me of the guy who was killed in Oregon a couple of years back because a horse fucked him … Darwin Theory, what did he expect was going to happen?