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  • Shemale Pornstar Florida Roadtrip Now For Sale!

    Posted on November 7th, 2011

    smpsflrt10241 600x400 Shemale Pornstar Florida Roadtrip Now For Sale!

    The latest addition to the Shemale Pornstar line-up is a sizzling adventure from Jack Flash. Shemale Pornstar Florida Roadtrip showcases some of Florida’s finest talent. Starring Brittany Coxxx, Kitty Vuitton, Nicole, Onjulic, Ana Venus, and Nomi X. Check out my scene by scene review below to see what kind of fun is in store for you.

    Ana Venus wants to show off what she’s wearing to her guy. He’s more interested in seeing what’s under her see-through tank top, so she obliges and takes off her clothes.  The sex between them is HOT, she rides his cock hard and then she switches position to face him, gyrating on him as deep as she can.  My favorite part is when he fucks her from behind and she holds her uncut cock in her hand, jerking herself off as he thrusts into her.

    Covergirl Brittany Coxxx is up next, looking as glamorous as ever.  She is practically bursting out of her top, which her guy sees an opportunity to tug down her blouse.  She’s horny for his dick, taking her time to suck him off.  He loves it so much that his dick begins to curve upwards to meet her lips. They take it slow when they start fucking. You can tell her she-pussy is tight and he has to really push to get his dick inside.

    Before the raunchy stuff even begins, I can tell that busty t-girl Nicole is going to be crazy in bed.  She really knows how to tease the guy, dangling those big breasts of hers in his face.  I love watching them fuck, her cock swings around wildly as she rides him. It’s completely hot.  You’ll love when her guy jerks himself off while licking Nicole’s nipples, then spills his jizz all over.

    Nomi-X is working the front desk at the porn company. A guy is waiting for an interview, but the boss isn’t back yet. Nomi-X decides to take it upon herself to review his application and sees that he wants to be a porn star, rather than photographer as she had originally assumed. She wants to check him out and asks to get a better look at him, so he takes off his clothes and poses for her. Instead of waiting for the boss to get back, Nomi-X decides to do her own one-on-one interview instead. They fuck standing up, so he can demonstrate the force of his thrusts. Given the steaminess of this scene, I can bet that this guy probably got himself a job in the porn biz thanks to Nomi-X and that fine ass of hers.

    Onjulic is up next and we get to watch as the blonde bombshell changes in the bathroom into some stockings to please her man. She enters the bedroom wearing booty shorts, stiletto heels, and those fishnets stockings and her man looks overwhelmed with desire. She climbs on top of him in bed and straddles him. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of her and those plump, dick sucking lips of hers. The sex between them is intense and you’re going to love this scene.

    Kitty Vuitton is actually a lot smaller in person than she appears on the cover. She’s a tiny t-girl, but don’t let her size fool you. She’s a sexual dynamite in bed!  She answers the door and her boytoy towers over him, but that doesn’t stop her from giving him the dick sucking of a lifetime!  He returns the favor by sucking on that she-dick of hers, biting her lovingly on her inner thigh.  Their scene is tender and sexy, as he cums all over himself while kissing her delicate skin.

    Shemale Pornstar Florida Roadtrip is a worthy addition to Grooby’s Shemale Pornstar  line. Jack Flash has shot some great scenes, really showing off each performer’s spicy personalities!


  • Nomi X and XXX Hardcore Action

    Posted on October 17th, 2009

    nomix3107 267x400 Nomi X and XXX Hardcore Actionnomix3042 288x400 Nomi X and XXX Hardcore Action

    Nomi X is all professional she is well mannered, punctual and well groomed. I had the pleasure of shooting her for Shemale Pornstar. Nomi X rose to the occasion and turned up the heat from the very beginning even before the camera started rolling she was all over the male model. Nomi X pulled off a double cum shot (Something she says has never happened before). The initial cumshot was huge and I thought that it was the end of the video, but she kept going and after about 2 minutes she blew another load. This was hot make sure you watch the video.

  • Wendy’s Wild Shemales Ebony All-Stars is an Understatement! These Black TGirls Are Powerhouse Fuckers!

    Posted on August 29th, 2009

    ebonyallf 280x400 Wendys Wild Shemales Ebony All Stars is an Understatement! These Black TGirls Are Powerhouse Fuckers!ebonyallb 280x400 Wendys Wild Shemales Ebony All Stars is an Understatement! These Black TGirls Are Powerhouse Fuckers!

    Be jealous–I have in my hands Wendy Williams’ newest release, Wendy’s Wild Shemales Ebony All-Stars. The release date is Monday August 31st, but you can actually pre-order a copy on Shemale Video Direct now. We’ve definitely got an all-star cast for this feature: Nomi X, Lady Godiva, Sexxxy Jade, Aniyah Red, Alyssia, and Special. For you black tgirl lovers, this might be one you have to add to your shopping list.

    Nomi X kick off the DVD. While they catch up together on the couch, she begins stroking the bulge in his pants. To be honest, I wish more girls played catch up that way! I love the way this scene unfolds–you can immediately tell it’s going to be a raunchy interracial scene. It starts off very slow and sensual at first–Nomi really takes her time when she’s sucking her guy’s cock. He’s anxious to be in his mouth and thrusts into her, but she holds his cock while doing this, letting him know that ultimately she is the one in control!  She works his cock over so well that I’m surprised he didn’t cum immediately. He pounds into her magnificent bubble ass and fucks her from behind on the couch. They then switch positions and she rides him, swinging her black dick around like it was a celebration.

    Jade’s pink, white, and purple dildo looks like a lollipop. It doesn’t help that she’s sucking on it while showing off that fantastic ass of hers. Wearing a pink see-through tanktop and booty shorts, she almost reminds you of the slutty girl you wanted to fuck in high school. Like  the girl you fantasized about in high school, Jade is pretty raunchy. She fingers her she-pussy with her legs spread wide and teases the camera. She’s just getting ready for the REAL fun. When she shoves that “lollipop” inside of her, she gives an wet moan that will make you shift uncomfortably in your seat and perhaps reach for a tissue. The rest of her scene is one great orgasmic blur.

    Lady Godiva looks delicious all wrapped up in that tight red dress of hers. She’s been waiting for her guy all day and when he arrives, she doesn’t want to waste any time. Her guy is a little shy, but she gets him out of his shell (and pants). When she pulls out his dick and begins sucking down on it, you can see her own cock twitching to attention. He eagerly reciprocates and before you know it, he’s thrusting into her while she straddles her her legs in the air. She seems hungry for more of his dick and when he fucks her, her ass bounces like a delicious treat you just want to take a bite out of. In a surprise change on screen, she then pushes her dick into him and holds his waist to make sure she can ram into him deeper. They take turns fucking each other, then she sucks on his nipple until he cums all over himself.

    The next scene finds a guy shoving a dildo into his ass while on the couch. You hear a door slam and he immediately pulls it out of him and tries to hide it. Here enters in Aniyah Red and boy, doe she looks fiery mad. “What are you doing?” she scolds him, “you’re not supposed to start without me.” As punishment, she wants him to kiss her and suck her toes. She’s unsatisfied with what he’s doing and then lifts up her long, sheer black dress to reveal a dark chocolate cock waiting to be touched. She reclines on the couch with strict instructions to suck her dick. He gladly obliges and she plays with those perky hormonal tits of hers. When her dick is rock hard in his mouth, she knows she’s ready for the ultimate punishment (or reward, depending on how you look at it). She fucks him like a wet rag doll, his body moving to her every thrust.

    Alyssia’s man is a little on the dorky side, but he certainly knows how to work over those big tits of hers with her tongue. She’s moaning softly while he sucks on them, getting louder and louder when he fingers her other nipple. When he sucks on her dick, you can tell he’s hungry for it. Alyssia’s thick cock is hard to handle, but he pushes his mouth down on it as far as he can. She returns the favor and tugs on his fat cock, but it doesn’t take much to get him going. He’s been drooling over her from the very beginning and when he finally gets to fuck her, you can tell he’s enjoying every minute of it.

    It’s not hard to see why this ebony tranny is named Special. On the street, she really stands out. She’s tall and slender, with a banging ass and big tits. Of course a guy sees her on the street and knows he must have her right then! She is amused by his forwardness, so she wants to see what he can do. He proves to know how to work a shemale like Special. As soon as he sucks on those plump titties of hers, her massive cock is already rising in anticipation of what’s to follow. What enfolds is a sensual and yet raunchy hardcore scene with him fucking her big ass until she squirts at the end. I can see why they saved this scene for last–it feels the longest and like it’s packed with the most action. By the time Special cums, you feel satisfied and tired like you’ve just cum with her (which you might’ve done anyway).

    Overall, a really well-rounded DVD! A good mix of interracial hardcore, black hardcore and solo action.  Wendy’s Wild Shemales Ebony All-Stars shows just what kind of power these chocolate beauties have!