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  • Yeehaw! PK Vegas’s Cowboys & Shemale Indians Will Show You How the Wet Was Won!

    Posted on September 19th, 2009

    csmif1 280x400 Yeehaw! PK Vegass Cowboys & Shemale Indians Will Show You How the Wet Was Won!csmib1 280x400 Yeehaw! PK Vegass Cowboys & Shemale Indians Will Show You How the Wet Was Won!

    Remember when you were a kid and played cowboys and indians with your friends? Well, our latest feature, PK Vegas’s Cowboys and Shemale Indians: How the Wet was Won is like your favorite kid’s game now made for adults. Instead of shooting your indian counterparts with a suction cup bullet shooting gun, these cowboys use their cocks as their firearms.Cowboys and Shemale Indians has five hardcore scenes starring Carmen Moore, Jamie Page, Jessica Foxx, Lauren, and Niko. I don’t usually comment on the DVD menu, but I love this. I feel like I’m about to watch the dirtiest version of Bonanza ever!

    Like any good western, our hero rides in on horse to find his damsel–shemale–in distress. He takes shemale Indian Carmen back to his ranch and tends to her while she sleeps. This, of course, includes stripping her down naked (after all, what she’s wearing must be so uncomfortable in her weakened state!), takes off his clothes, and quietly hops into bed and under the covers next to her. When the beautiful girl awakes, she wonders where is she and explains to the cowboy she’s been kicked out of her tribe because she was a little “different”. Like the gentle cowboy he is, he tells her he wants her to stay. She is so grateful that she pulls down the comforter and begins sucking on his throbbing cock. To show that he really accepts her and all her “differences”, he then spreads her legs and devours her she-cock in his mouth. When he finally props up her legs to thrust into her, she lets out a loud moan, as if overwhelmed with pleasure. He rams his cock into her over and over again as her hard she-dick bounces around with every push. She then finishes him off but sucking him wildly, begging for him to cum all over her face. Talk about showing her some cowboy hospitality!

    Shemale Indian Jamie Page is going to give cowboy Paul her sausage and beans! What a lucky guy. This scene starts with them getting all hot near the town’s edge, carrying her and pushing her up against the wall to make out with her. He doesn’t waste any time reaching his hand up her clothes to feel for the goods. From the very beginning, you can’t get enough of her and when he rips off her clothes you almost feel like you’re doing it too. Jamie then deep throats Paul’s wet cock and then lets him suck on her sausage, cooing the words, “good cowboy” between moans. Jamie likes it rough and Paul slams his cock into her sweet ass. She begs him to pull her hair and he furiously fucks her during a quiet afternoon on the prairie. My favorite part of this scene is probably when she straddles herself on his dick and rides him. She gyrates that sweet as of hers–I’m surprised he didn’t cum already! The scene ends with a glorious jerkoff from Paul as Jamie sucks on his “beans”. When he finally cums into her tiny mouth, I swear his moan echoes in the valley.

    Two horny shemale Indians, Jessica Foxxx and Jamie Page, find exactly what they’re looking for when they see two lonesome cowboys out in the distance. They’re determined to bring these men back to their tee-pee for some fun. Jessica takes her guy to a secluded area, leaving Jamie and her cowboy behind, and strips him down. He greedily sucks on her cock before fucking her from behind while standing up. They fuck like horny rabbits in the deserts and finally, Jessica jacks herself off and cums all over him. When he finally cums, she licks up his man-milk and rubs the sweet juice all over her lips.

    Back at the ranch, beautiful shemale Indian Lauren is tending to her injured cowboy. He’s resting up in bed and she just wants to make sure he’s healing properly. She just can’t help herself and takes a peek under the blanket at his cock. This cowboy must be feeling better because his cock is completely upright as soon as she puts her lips around it. She sits on top of his dick and thrusts into her, letting her supple tits bounce in his face. Lauren must be doing a good job nursing the broken cowboy back to help because he flips her on her back and fucks her with an energy you never knew he had in him! Finally, she jerks herself off (while he’s still inside of her), dripping her cum all over both of them.

    Shemale Indian Niko is outside of her tee-pee stirring some food on the fire when cowboy Danny shows up with a gun. “Looks like I got myself an Injun!” he proclaims, startling Niko. He wants something, he tells her, but Niko says she has nothing to give because her husband left her some time ago. She decides to offer her hot self up instead (which I think is better than offering some of that unknown gruel in that pot she was stirring). She slowly undresses while rubbing the bulge in his pants, offering her tits for him to suck on. She asks the cowboy, “would you like some Indian pussy?” Well, we all know the answer to this one! She bends over to let him thrust his cock into her and fucks her so deep you’ll think she’s about to do a war cry! He fucks her outside of her tee-pee, letting her ride him until she cums all over his chest.To return the favor, like the polite shemale Indian that she is, she puts his huge cock into her tiny mouth and lets him spray his milk all over her face.

    And that, my friends, is how the wet was won! YEEHAW! Pick up your copy of PK Vegas’s Cowboys and Shemale Indians at Shemale Video Direct now!

    Get a sneak peek and watch the trailer!