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  • Shemale Idol: The Auditions 2 – Steamy Solo Action with the Hottest Performers!

    Posted on November 6th, 2010

    smidolaud2f Shemale Idol: The Auditions 2   Steamy Solo Action with the Hottest Performers!smidolaud2b Shemale Idol: The Auditions 2   Steamy Solo Action with the Hottest Performers!

    Joey Silvera’s Shemale-Idol: the Auditions 2 has been sitting on my desk for the last week and I finally had a chance to check it out last night. It’s a great addition to Silvera’s popular series, with a few familiar faces from the first DVD.

    Shemale-Idol: the Auditions 2 has a BIG cast: Bailey Jay, Bee Armitage, Ana Paula Samadat, Ariel Everitts, Britney Markham, Fabiola Ribeiro, Raissa Nevada, Karolly Mel, and Mariam. Whew, that’s a mouthful.  This DVD has significantly more scenes than its predecessor, so you’ll have more bang for your buck with this one!

    Oh, Bee Armitage! Where have you gone?  If she looks familiar, she actually did a really hot hardcore scene with Bailey Jay in Joey Silvera’s the Next Shemale Idol: Auditions DVD. Wearing a tight red dress, black arm warmers, thigh high stockings, and boots, you’ll won’t be able to tear your eyes away from the screen. Back indoors, she’s standing in the living room with her panties around her thighs and her big stinger hanging out. She lays back on the recliner and spreads her legs to tug on her cock comfortably. She maintains eye contact with the camera the entire time, which, I guarantee will get your own dick rock hard in no time. To tempt you further, she uses a pink leopard print dildo on herself, pushing it in slowly to her tight she-hole. She then fucks herself while jerking off at the same, nearly dripping her cum all over the screen.

    Next up is Bee Armitage’s Shemale Idol partner in crime, Bailey Jay. Joey picks her up from the airport and they catch up on the car ride back to his place. She  tells him how a girl at the airport was talking shit about her because she wasn’t wearing a bra and I’m thinking, what kind of person would even  think to complain about seeing Bailey Jay without a bra? Craziness!

    Back at Joey’s place, Bailey Jay teases the camera by slapping that perfect ass of hers. When she stands there, you can see that nice bulge in her white panties, showing from underneath that very short skirt of hers. She pulls out her cock and begins jerking herself off, her cock growing quickly in size with each tug. My favorite part in this scene is when she uses the dildo on herself. Her cock stays rock hard while she fucks herself, using her free hand to wrap her fingers around her throbbing dick. The dildo looks really tight sliding slowly in and out of her ass and her moans definitely show that it feels really good. I won’t give away too much, but I will say that the cumshot in this scene is fantastic.

    Our next scene takes us all the way to Brazil, where blonde bombshell Karolly Mel is fixing the curlers in her hair. She’s wearing a red corset and a matching red thong. There’s always something inherently sexy about watching a t-girl get ready and Karolly Mel is no exception. She exudes sensuality even doing the simple act of removing all the curlers from her hair and brushing it with her fingertips. Even the way she says her name is sexy, you can hear the “r” roll of her tongue. I bet that alone will give you a hard-on.

    If you think Karolly Mel doing everyday things is sexy, wait till she whips out that hot uncut cock of hers. She takes off her corset, exposing her beautiful swollen tits, and slowly jerks herself off while on the bed. You can tell she has a lot of sexual energy built up because it doesn’t take long for her to cum all over herself, spraying jizz all over her dick and into the air.

    Raissa Nevada is smoking hot. I feel like I need to establish this first. She has a superstar model like quality about her, without being a waif. This t-girl is just the right size, the perfect mix of femininity and curves. From what I can tell, she’s in an office setting with a guy sitting behind the desk. Perhaps it’s an audition, perhaps it’s the best work day ever, who knows. She teases him, grinding her round ass on the desk and he can’t help but jerk himself off. While still in her stockings (and just her stockings), she leans over the desk to suck his dick. She then sits down on the chair and spreads her legs, giving him a great opportunity to suck on her she-lollipop. He then stands up and jerks himself off, all the while watching Raissa pull on her own cock. As their jerking gets faster and more intense, she spills her cum all over herself while he spills it all over her tits and stomach.

    We are back in Brazil again, this time to see cutie Fabiola Ribeiro. She’s wearing a very tiny green bikini, nearly bursting out of her top. She doesn’t talk much during the scene, but damn does she moan. She makes sure to use one hand to rub her tits while the other pays close attention to her cock. She lies down on the bed and starts sucking on her realistic dildo, still masturbating in bed for us.

    Still in Brazil, Ana Paula Samadat is wearing a black lacy bra and matching panties. She has pouty lips, a petite body, and knows how to strip for the camera. With her pink nipples peeking out of her bra, she raising her breast to her mouth to give it a lick. Some guys are really into seeing t-girls lactate and Ana Paula’s nipples produce some of the sweetest looking milk I’ve ever seen. They drip out of her perky nipples down her breast and she uses it to lubricate herself. She then sits down, legs spread, and jerks herself off. She even plays with her she-hole at the same time. When she’s done, she looks completely happy and satisfied, her cock resting against her body.

    We return to the states with naughty officer Ariel Everitts. Ariel has appeared in many of our Grooby sites, including Transexdomination and Shemale Pornstar.  Ariel breaks in at Joey’s place with a report that there are a lot of cocksuckers there. “Where’s your badge?” Joey asks.

    “Right under here,” she says, rubbing on the outline of her cock under her skirt. They go inside so she can investigate his place. This is a very serious matter, but Joey just can’t get his eyes off of her magnificent ass. I mean, I don’t blame him at all. She bends over so he can get a good look and she uses her own baton to massage her she-hole. She opens the front of her uniform to expose her big tits. She pulls out her cock (while still wearing her panties) and you can see that she has a much bigger baton than the one hanging from her belt.  She pulls off her panties and sits down, so you can see just how big she is. Joey sprays some extra oil on her cock, lubing it up nicely for her. She shoots out so much cum, she uses it to rub all over her smooth body.

    Mariam is beautiful and exotic, marketed as the first Arabic transsexual in the industry. She’s wearing a revealing one piece (nearly a two piece) swimsuit, the color matching her make-up very nicely. She speaks a bit of Arabic for Joey and it’s incredibly sexy. She translates it for us. I love all the consonants and vowels roll off her tongue. One of the (many) things I love about Mariam is that she’s so forward and vocal at the camera. I imagine she’s a t-girl who loves talking dirty in bed. She gently strokes herself off, telling us that she wants to make us cum.  She cums all over her thigh, spraying sweet milk all over herself. “You missed one thing,” she says after she’s done. She stands up and turns around, showing off that big, round ass of hers. She’s right, her ass is nice and juicy!

    LA’s  Britney Markham is the last performer in this DVD and I can see why Joey saved her for last. Britney is always a great performer, always engaging, and always sexy. To clear up a common misconception, Britney Markham is 100% Latina! She says that many people think she’s white, but her parents are actually from Mexico. She says she loves all kinds of guys, but in particular, older men because they’re passionate and can keep going even after they cum. A perfect fit for Britney since she has a voracious sexual appetite as well. She loves being a top and fucking guys. She pulls down her bra to reveal her supple breasts, playing with them for the camera. She takes her out cock and balls, cupping them while she jerks herself off. Britney is also a t-girl who loves talking dirty. She really makes you feel like you’re sitting with her in Joey’s living room, having a mutual masturbation session. She tells you exactly when she’s going to cum, shooting her jizz right into her mouth and tits! That’s talent, if you ask me. This cumshot is so good that it gets a replay to make sure you don’t miss it.

    You can buy a copy of Shemale-Idol: the Auditions 2 at Shemale Video Direct here.

  • Joey Silvera’s the Next Shemale Idol 2 DVD – Great Cast, Even Better Fuck Scenes!

    Posted on August 6th, 2010

    nextsmidol2f1 Joey Silveras the Next Shemale Idol 2 DVD   Great Cast, Even Better Fuck Scenes!nextsmidol2b1 Joey Silveras the Next Shemale Idol 2 DVD   Great Cast, Even Better Fuck Scenes!

    Has this cover with internet sensation Bailey Jay caught your eye? Well, now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you about Joey Silver’s latest DVD, The Next Shemale Idol 2. This DVD has Bailey Jay’s FIRST HARDCORE SCENE and with none other than hottie Bee Armitage! Joey’s picked a great cast for this DVD, it feels a bit like a big Shemale Yum party! Bailey Jay, Bee Armitage, Domino Presley, Jessica Fox, Karolly Mel, and Naudy Nadia.  Mostly American, with one hot Brazilian t-babe, and one horny as hell black t-girl.

    Uh oh, here comes trouble and her name is Bailey Jay, sauntering across the parking lot. This is a monumental occasion for her because today is her first hardcore scene. She’s picked the t-girl of her choice (sexy Bee Armitage) and after a short interview outside, her and Joey are on the way to find Bee.

    Back at the place, the girls are in their bras and you can tell they’re a bit nervous. Bailey slips down Bee’s bra and takes her time licking her nipples. Seriously, this scene is about to unfold as a tranny punk lover’s wetdream. Bailey seems almost enamored with Bee, surprised and titillated as she runs her hands across her body.

    They take turns suck each other’s growing cocks and then Bailey pushes Bee down, spreads her cheeks, and licks her wet asshole, getting her ready for her cock. She lays Bee on her side and starts pounding into her, while they tongue each other like a pair of horny teenagers. The grand finale has Bee cumming all over Bailey’s face while Bailey strokes herself off, followed by Bailey spraying her milk all over Bee’s face, licking it up.

    Next up is Naudy Nadia, a fresh faced 18 year old ready to play. If she looks familiar, it’s because she was featured in Black Shemale Idol: the Auditions.  Seeing her again, just five months from when that was shot, she looks completely different and definitely more grown up.

    She’s seductive looking in white, her pouty lips perfectly glossed. Her hair is darker now (and longer) and she seems more at ease this time. She’s confident and it shows; it’s downright sexy. She says she wants to come today and before she can finish her sentence, here comes Diezel happy to help. He’s eager to suck her dick and she loves talking dirty to him. She pushes down his head to take the entire length of her cock in his mouth.

    It’s hard to believe Naudy Nadia is only 18. She definitely knows how to take command of her cock as she fucks Diezel like a jackhammer. He’s gripping on to the couch to hold on because she’s plowing into him so hard. They switch roles and Diezel is ready to fuck her, watching Nadia’s phat ass bouncing on his dick. He cums into a wine glass, filling it up more than I’d expect, and then Naudy Nadia comes in and drinks it up!

    Man, oh man, have you seen the ass on Brazilian babe Karrolly Mel? You could bounce quarters off her fantastic ass. She doesn’t speak much English (from what I gather), but there is no need for words. She has such presence on camera, it’s mesmerizing. Her guy happily slurps up her cock in his mouth as she slaps it against his face. She’s so horny that her cock is actually curving slightly upwards as if to edge its way into his mouth.

    She fucks her guy from behind and shows no mercy, taking her time with her thrusts because she knows she can. Even when she lets him fuck her, she’s doing all of the work, jiggling his ass down on his cock.

    Domino Presley is a hot up and cummer and I’m definitely excited to see how her career progresses. Domino knows exactly how to get Christian interested in her. She asks to his use his computer upstairs and instead uses it as an opportunity to slip into something a bit more…revealing. Christian, of course, can’t resist her when she saunters into the kitchen looking for him.

    He immediately begins sucking her off as she slaps her cock against his mouth. You think this might mean Domino is going to fuck him, but Christian wants her she-pussy way too bad to let her out of sight. He turns her around and begins pounding her from behind. Christian really lays into her without any signs of stopping and finally, she cums hard while he’s still inside of her!

    Jessica Fox finishes up the DVD and she looks absolutely stunning in her little red dress. She’s so hot, that even while being interviewed, her guy can’t get his hands off of her. She likes teasing him, making him take his time with her as she pulls down her panties to reveal her delicious cock. It actually hits him in the face when she whips it out!

    She poses herself above his ass and slowly thrusts into him, giving his ass a good spank! She decides she’d rather have him suck her off, so she pushes his face down on her as he gags down on her hard cock. She strokes herself off while he licks her nipples, then busts her load into his face and all over her stomach. Being the nice girl that she is, she reaches over to jerk her guy off too. They’re both happy and covered in cum.

    Great cast, great scenes, seriously. Don’t wait, pick up your copy at Shemale Video Direct now!