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  • Michelle Austin’s Jizz Worthy Laundry Day

    Posted on March 14th, 2014

      michelle2 250x375 Michelle Austins Jizz Worthy Laundry Daymichelle4 250x375 Michelle Austins Jizz Worthy Laundry Day

    Tranny Award winner Michelle Austin may be an award winner, but she has to do her laundry just like any other normal person and it’s been piling up! Well, Michelle decides,”fuck it!” She decides to jack off on her dirty laundry and cum in a pair of panties. Sounds like a much better alternative than doing laundry!

    michelle1 250x375 Michelle Austins Jizz Worthy Laundry Daymichelle3 250x375 Michelle Austins Jizz Worthy Laundry Day


  • All-American Tranny Hazel Tucker Making Sweet Lemonade!

    Posted on July 15th, 2010

    ht mellow yellow.055 600x397 All American Tranny Hazel Tucker Making Sweet Lemonade!

    What’s that mischievous shemale Hazel Tucker up to this week? Well, believe it or not, this all-American tranny is picking lemonades from her backyard so she can make us some delicious lemonade! Hazel knows how much this means to us, so she wants to add her own special ingredients  to this batch! She wanted to surprise us at first, but was just too horny to NOT let us watch!

    If you can’t get enough of all-american shemale Hazel Tucker, check out her official website  Enjoy weekly updates featuring Hazel, in sexy solos and raunchy hardcore scenes. Her updates are high quality and horny, definitely the best for a star performer like Hazel!

    ht mellow yellow.008 398x600 All American Tranny Hazel Tucker Making Sweet Lemonade!ht mellow yellow.088 400x600 All American Tranny Hazel Tucker Making Sweet Lemonade!


  • Shemale Yum’s Model of the Month Taleigha!

    Posted on February 2nd, 2010

    taleigha1054 600x400 Shemale Yums Model of the Month Taleigha!

    Shemale Yum’s February 2010 Model of the Month is a little hottie by the name of Taleigha.  Our Buddy Wood wasn’t exactly sure what he was getting himself into until she arrived. He had seen pictures of her before, but nothing could quite prepare him for her when she arrived.  Taleigha was a bit shy, but Buddy said she was definitely horny. And just check out that ass, pure perfection! Could bounce a dime off of that sweet thing.

    I can see a  future for this petite 21 year old.  Check out her debut set on Shemale Yum.

    taleigha1009 400x600 Shemale Yums Model of the Month Taleigha!taleigha1049 400x600 Shemale Yums Model of the Month Taleigha!

  • Bustin’ Bikini Babe, Japanese Shemale Mana Sakuragawa

    Posted on June 25th, 2009

    Curvy Japanese shemale model Mana Sakuragawa definitely has the right idea to stay cool during summer. Wearing her favorite tiny pink bikini and heels, with each step, you are reminded that there is only a thing layer of fabric covering her naughty bits.

    The rule is that she has to shower before getting in the water, however, Mana quickly realizes that she doesn’t want to get her swimsuit wet, so she throws it aside. As her large tits bounce around as she showers off and begins stroking herself.

    mana3hiro002 267x400 Bustin Bikini Babe, Japanese Shemale Mana Sakuragawamana3hiro016 288x400 Bustin Bikini Babe, Japanese Shemale Mana Sakuragawa

  • Shemale Strokers Now On Sale at Shemale Video Direct!

    Posted on March 18th, 2009

    Their tagline says it all: they strip, they stroke, they splooge! Shemale Strokers 32 proves to be a great addition to Mancini’s Shemale Strokers series. I just finished watching  the DVD and I was pleased to see both Hazel Tucker and Kimber James in the same title.  Shemale Strokers 32 features Hazel Tucker, Kitty, Kimber James, Jasmine Jewels, Veronica Venom, Frances, and Evilyn Frazao. Seven steamy scenes filled with cock stroking and lots of cum! Below is my full review of the DVD:

    Like any other t-girl that age, Hazel likes shopping for clothes and kinky sex. This all-american t-girl loves nipple play. Even when she’s telling about her sexual escapades, she’s pulling on her soft nipples, making them hard between her fingers. She soon slips into something “more comfortable” and proceeds to fondle herself through her slutty black lingerie. Although Hazel doesn’t have the largest cock, she certainly knows how to use it and before long she’s tugging on it so quickly, trying to push the cum out!

    Kitty just got a new job at a strip club (hence her slutty, stripper-esque outfit), but explains that she’s never given a lapdance before. She’d like some practice, she says, and who’s going to say no to that? She gyrates her sweet ass in front of the camera and massages her swollen balls. You can totally see her 10″ cock coming to life. WIth each pull, her meaty cock grows in length (and even girth, it seems). Kitty knows her cock is mesmerizing and even purposely shoves it into the camera to tease us all. She asks, “do you like it?” But she already knows the answer to this one.

    Superstar Kimber James says she has a secret and if we’re good, she might let us in on it. It’s hard to pay attention to what she’s saying, though, because you’re distracted by her cute pink nighty and lacy panties. When she finally slips off her bra to reveal those huge, swollen tits, you can’t help but wonder if her secret is that she’s horny all the time. She lays back in front of the fireplace and begins massaging her tight she-pussy and moaning quietly. With every tug on her cock, it grows larger and larger, and when she finally cums all over herself you feel like you’re unloading on her too.

    Although she’s older than the other t-girls in this DVD, Miss Jasmine Jewels certainly doesn’t lack in sex drive. As she tells the story of a recent sexual experience, she starts lactating. She rubs the milk all over her tits and then on the bulge in her panties. She is one kinky tranny, shoving her finger into her tight she-pussy as she jerks herself off.

    Veronica Venom is a t-girl with great punky appeal who loves a guy who can perform and can handle her big 8 inch cock! Wearing a black corset and knee-high boots, Veronica begins rubbing her pierced cock for the camera. If you’re wondering what color venom Veronica has, it’s milky white.

    Frances’ accent allows her to effortlessly roll the r’s off her tongue and possibly suck your cock in her tiny mouth. I don’t know who she was talking to on the phone, but whoever it was definitely got her horny. She immediately starts pulling on her hot Latina t-cock from under her short skirt. If you want a horny tranny who will moan and call you papi, then Frances might be for you.

    Evilyn Frazao is a tranny of few words who lets her gyrating hips do all the work for her. She oozes with sexuality and her plump, glossy lips are so inviting as she jerks herself off. The end of Evilyn’s scene is dripping wet with cum, a true embodiment of what Shemale Strokers represents!

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    smstrokers32f 280x400 Shemale Strokers Now On Sale at Shemale Video Direct!smstrokers32b 280x400 Shemale Strokers Now On Sale at Shemale Video Direct!

  • Japanese Shemale Kaede – Slut in her Skivvies!

    Posted on March 3rd, 2009

    Tranny Newhalf Kaede returns to Shemale Japan today wearing a extra girly summer-y matching panty and bra. Kaede is known for her shy personality, but when she pulls up her stockings and strips down to her skivvies, she feels incredibly empowered.  She begins touching the noticeable bulge in her panties and then whips out her hard dick, letting her cock hang out. Swollen and aching to be touched, she tugs on her meat until she shoots out cum all over the bed.

    Only the hottest and horniest Japanese trannies on Shemale Japan!

    kaede3hiro004 265x400 Japanese Shemale Kaede   Slut in her Skivvies!kaede3hiro029 282x400 Japanese Shemale Kaede   Slut in her Skivvies!