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  • Horny Tranny Mistresses Taking Control in the Transex Domination DVD!

    Posted on August 22nd, 2009

    tsd2f2 280x400 Horny Tranny Mistresses Taking Control in the Transex Domination DVD!tsd2b2 280x400 Horny Tranny Mistresses Taking Control in the Transex Domination DVD!

    I’m surprised one of our tranny mistresses hasn’t whipped you for not checking out their latest DVD, Transex Domination! Mistresses Jessica Host, Kelly Shore, Gia Darling, Olivia Love, and TS Jesse have all shown no mercy to their slaves and in this DVD you’ll see how they pound their slaves’ asses raw!! If you love watching beautiful shemales indulging in their dominatrix side, check out Transex Domination today!

    Jessica Host’s scene is particularly hot, with her bending her slave over and fucking him full blast! Her tits are bouncing around like crazy in that scene. For a full review of the dvd, go to Shemale DVD Review!

    Also, for a limited time only, you can purchase Transex Domination AND our other release Interracial Shemale Dominaition for only $35.99! You’ll be able to drool over black and white tranny mistresses demolishing their slaves and making them suck their hard cocks raw!

  • NEW Transex Domination DVD! Tranny Mistresses Whipping Their Slaves into Shape!

    Posted on August 7th, 2009

    PK Vegas’ and Grooby Productions newest DVD, Transex Domination, is keeping things orgasmic in the dungeon just like it did with its previous release, Inter-racial Shemale Domination. This time, however, we have shemale superstars Jessica Host, Kelly Shore, Gia Darling, Olivia Love, and TS Jesse ready to whip their slaves into submission. You can now purchase your copy at Shemale Video Direct!

    Sweetheart Kelly Shore begins the DVD, shedding her good girl image for something  With riding crop in hand, she immediately takes control of her slave. She allows him to lick her boots and spanks him forcefully every time she feels like he’s enjoying it too much.  Still bound, she makes the slave remove her skirt and panties only using his mouth and then shoves his pathetic face down on her cock. Miss Kelly really wants to tease her slave, so she makes him lie down on his back and tells him she’s going to undress, but doesn’t allow him to watch. He can’t even move his arms to jerk himself off! This is driving him crazy with horniness and he takes a sneak peek of her throbbing she-cock as she strips down. As punishment (or reward) for looking, she sits down on his face and thrusts her cock in his mouth.

    She threatens, “I’m going to fuck you and it’s going to hurt. And if you whimper, scream, or even cry, I’m going to beat the living shit out of you.”

    Terrified and aroused, her slave bends over and spreads his ass for her. She can’t bear the sight of him and fucks him face down (like a slave should be fucked), slamming mercilessly into his tight ass. She really pounds into him, slapping his unprotected ass and moaning in pleasure. She then flips him over and fucks him because she wants to see the look on his face as he cries out in ecstasy, screaming “oh, god!”  When she’s about to cum, she moves over above his face and sprays her milk all over him. Her slave is overwhelmed with desire and all her can say is, “thank you, Miss Kelly.”

    Next up, we have Mistress Gia Darling (who definitely has had practice as a Mistress from her other release Gia Darling Will Kick Your Ass). Wearing a skin tight black dress (with no  bra), her slave is eager to obey her every command. When she demands he smell her ass, he has to push his face into her round ass and smell how good it is. After slipping off her dress, she makes her submissive slave lie down on the work bench and work her cock over. She tells her slave she has a surprise for him, he thinks it’s her cock, but it’s really a glass dildo! She’s not ready to let him experience her magnificent cock. While squeezing his cock, she pushes the dildo inside of him, and you can see this great shot of her uncut dick next to his ass. Her cock head is pointing at his ass and we all know that when Mistress Gia’s cock wants something, she’ll get it. When she fucks him, the dungeon echoes with the sound of her balls slapping his eager ass.

    She then bends him over to fuck him with her pink paddle in hand, ready to discipline him at any moment he complains. Her slave is in pain from her fat cock, but he doesn’t dare show it while she rams into him. He is rewarded soon after, though, when she lets him suck her she-cock and thrust into his face. She then makes him straddle on his back on the work bench and jerks him off while fucking him. As he cums, she uses his jizz to stroke himself more and then herself cums all over him.

    Mistress Jesse likes to humiliate her slave and wants to make it absolutely clear to him that she’s in charge. She makes his pose on his hands and knees like a dog, so he knows that she’s the master. She makes him kneel and just when he thinks she’s going to jerk him off, she squeezes his cock so tight that he cries out in pain. Even when she begins tonguing his mouth, she tricks him and bites his tongue before spitting right in his mouth! She wraps her whip around his neck and chokes him while making out. Mistress Jesse is all about pleasure and pain; she makes that abundantly clear when she digs her boot heels into her slave’s thighs and cock.

    When he’s finally allowed to suck Mistress Jesse’s cock, you can tell he’s overwhelmed by how big it’s grown in her mouth. Maybe he’s even a little scared that she’ll tear his little ass into two! She makes him lie face down and pushes her huge cock into his ass. He’s crying out in pain, but she can’t stop fucking him. She then makes lie on his back with his legs up in the air so she can cum all over his face. Her cum rains down on him and she makes him lick it up.

    Mistress Jessica Host looks like t-girl you don’t want to fuck with. When her scene begins, she’s lying on the bed with her legs spread, stroking that big cock of hers. Her tits look really hot in her next-to-nothing leather s&m gear. They look so swollen and nipples look hard, like she knows what’s about to happen. She calls out for her slave and when he runs

    She rams her cock in his mouth and her slave gags when she puts it in deep. To prepare him for his fucking, she bends him over and spanks his ass until it’s red with welts. She wants his asshole nice and ready when she fucks him, so she shoves an anal plug in him and punishes him when he tries to get up. He’s scared when she’s ready to fuck him and can’t bring his face to look at her. When she first thrusts into him, she moans, “you’re nice and ready for my cock.” She pummels into his ass and  then finally allows him to rub his cock head along her she-pussy.

    Finally, we have veteran shemale pornstar Olivia Love. With her forceful “COME HERE”, her slave comes running to her side ready to kiss her feet. Mistress Olivia is not afraid to use her riding crop on her slave and generously whacks his ass as he strokes himself. I love seeing Olivia Love in control, showing off that cute little ass of hers in her see-through skirt.

    She pushes his head down on her cock and makes him suck her off without even giving him a chance to breathe.She fucks him on the table with his legs in the air and he can’t contain his gasps and moans. He wants more of her, but she wants to tease him a little and make him crazy. When he cums all over himself, she pulls out of him and sends him away.

    This also summarizes the vibe of this DVD. In this dungeon, it’s all about our mistresses’ pleasure and not their slaves.


    tsd2f1 280x400 NEW Transex Domination DVD! Tranny Mistresses Whipping Their Slaves into Shape!tsd2b1 280x400 NEW Transex Domination DVD! Tranny Mistresses Whipping Their Slaves into Shape!

  • Grooby Interview #1: Kelly Shore

    Posted on November 20th, 2008

    This is the first in an on-going series of interviews of people in the transsexual adult industry. To see more about these interviews and why we’re conducting them, check out my personal blog at Grooby Steven Blog.

    kelly shoregom 303x400 Grooby Interview #1:  Kelly Shore

    Kelly Shore has had an internet presence for a number of years, usually coming across as a “bimbo” (which most people have guessed is a role) and an amiable contributor to forums and chat rooms. However, beneath those blonde curls she has managed to orchestrate an adult career launch, simultaneously on a number of high profile websites as well open her own pay site.

    The last few months have seen her appear on Kink’s TS Seduction, Shemale Club and Shemale Yum as well as appearing in Transsexual Babysitters #8 .

    In this interview I wanted to know more about Kelly, her life and what she thought of the adult industry.

    Interviewed on 19th Nov, by Grooby Steven, via email.

    GroobyS : You have had a web presence for some time, why did you decide to start doing adult modeling     and  performing in summer of 2008?

    Kelly Shore : I have been going back and forth with the idea for a few years.   I did webcam for years and I even toyed with doing a video for a small production company,  LL Blackmaster.  I just wasn’t sure how to go about it on a big scale.  I knew I could do the job but needed the right contacts.   I could have done Shemale Yum but it wouldn’t have given me all the contacts I needed to work for other companies.   I could be like other girls and hope my photo set would stand out but I wanted to do it big having multiple sets out at once.    I started with Kink (TS Seduction) and then  Wendy Williams and Vin Deacon give me contacts for other companies.   So I headed off to LA for  my first DVD “Transsexual Babysitters 8″ and appeared on the cover!  I shot for Shemale Club and with Buddy Wood for Shemale Yum in the space of a few days.   My second DVD, Transsexual Cheerleaders and more websites including a return to Kink!
    SMC Revenue Shemale Club offered to do my website (they run  and it had taken off very well.  I am surprised of the fan base and the success so far andI have nothing but gratitude to the producers and directors for giving me the chance.  Without the fans that follow my work,  I’d be nowhere!

    Grooby S: What is the most difficult part about being a transsexual adult performer?

    Kelly Shore: The most difficult part I’ve found so far is the criticism and not letting it affect you.  Not that I am new to that but you do worry if you are performing well or if you look good for the camera.  I want to look and perform my best for the viewers and sometimes I get so focused on that it makes me nervous.

    I usually have to take a breath and move on!

    Grooby S : What scenes do you enjoy the most?

    Kelly Shore : I enjoy the threesome scenes : guy,  girl and me.  I think its fun!  Its like the best of both worlds everywhere (smiles).   I think most guys fantasize too about having a transsexual and a female together at the same time so I get turned on, knowing I’m turning them on.

    Grooby S : Are there anything scenes you won’t do?

    Kelly Shore : I don’t want to be one of those performers that say “No!” but I am still trying to open my mind to performing with another TS,  getting past that will come though.   However I won’t do scat films or urination.  Sorry fetish lovers … but I might pee on someone if the price is right! LOL.

    Grooby S: When did you first discover you were transgendered and when did you start wearing female clothes?

    Kelly Shore : I don’t want to sound like a TV sitcom but I knew there was something wrong when I was 5 and my mom was giving my cousin and I a bath. I noticed we had different deals.  I wanted what she had. I just knew that what I had wasn’t meant to fit me!

    As far as dressing,  good lord I started dressing in front of my Mom when I was about 5!  Wearing her shoes, putting a towel on my head acting like it was my long hair, and begging for Barbies and My Little Ponies.   My dad would come home with something for a boy and I’d scream my head off.   So they always knew there was something “different” about their “son”.   My friends were mainly girls and I always dreamed of a husband rather than a wife.   At age 12,  our family relocated to a small town of 2,500 people in Central Illinois called El Paso.   Here I met two of my best friends in High School,  Carolyn and Jackie.   Well

    living in a small town you get bored pretty easily so you think of ideas of how to entertain yourself, whether it be walking the strip downtown or hanging out in the country. One night during summer vacation,  Jackie suggested that we should dress me up as a girl.   At first jokingly and then it became more serious.    Before I knew it I was getting made up and my shaggy bowl cut hair curled.

    I was so happy when it was done even if I had blue eye shadow and ruby red lipstick.  I felt at peace finally.  I remember walking around the town with them and then heading over to Jackie’s house, her Mom was very accepting and she always knew, so it wasn’t a surprise to her. She suggested that I talk to my family if this is how I  truly felt.

    Nervous and scared I ended up calling my Mom on the phone …   she had to say “Hello?” twice before  I just blurted it out that I had to tell her something about my sexuality.  She was like “Honey, either you are gay or you feel like a girl, I hope its the second, so which is it?” I was shocked she knew the whole  time!

    My whole family accepted it so it wasn’t like a transition the only thing that changed was pronouns and my name. I attended El Paso High School as a female, I still go back there regularly.

    Grooby S: Does your family know about your adult career and what are their thoughts?

    Kelly Shore : Yes, they know about  it  I wouldn’t hide it from them.   I’m not ashamed of working in this industry They think as long as I am safe and tested they have no issue.  My family has always been supportive and open minded!

    Grooby S : Do you have TG friends or hang out with other transgenders?

    Kelly Shore : I don’t really have a lot of TG friends.  I have counseled many during my activist work but tend to have more female friends.   I have made recent friends being in the industry which is nice to ahve someone to relate to in the same field.

    Grooby S: Which TG’s do you admire or look up to in the adult industry?

    Kelly Shore: I admire Danielle Foxx for finally going after what is important to her
    and being true to herself.   She is just a wonderful performer.  I also admire Wendy Williams for being so hard working and dealing with the crap she puts up with!

    Grooby S: Which TS adult models do you think are the prettiest – and which are the best performers?

    Kelly Shore : Danielle Foxx for being pretty and great performer!   Jesse is a wonderful performer that gets overlooked! Kimber of course is lovely as is Hazel Tucker but I’ve yet to see her performance. Vicki Richter of course is an awesome performer, as is Gia Darling.

    Grooby S: What future plans do you have for your website and your career?

    Kelly Shore: I hope to bring more girls in on my website to eventually maybe get it on with one of them … I hope to do more mainstream work eventually!

    Grooby S: Why should someone join your website instead of seeing your photos on the other websites that you appear on?

    Kelly Shore : My site will be the only site you will see me bottom!   Also you can suggest what I wear and do in the updated video and photoshoots – I listen to my members!  It’s also a less expensive that those other sites … so you are getting all Kelly for a lot less!

    Grooby S: “If I wasn’t a transsexual video performer I would be a ………” ?

    Kelly Shore : ….. Housewife! LOL

    Grooby S: Can you think of any questions that I should ask the next model I interview?

    Kelly Shore: What matters most to you?   How do you think porn girls are looked upon
    and misinterpreted?

    Kelly Shore can be see on her own website at Miss Kelly Shore as well as these quality website,

    TS Seduction
    Shemale Club
    Shemale Yum
    Private Transsexual
    Only Tgirls

    She also writes a column at Stopping The Hate.

    int1 150x150 Grooby Interview #1:  Kelly Shoreint2 150x150 Grooby Interview #1:  Kelly Shoreint31 150x150 Grooby Interview #1:  Kelly Shore

  • Gia Darling Will Kick Your Ass!

    Posted on August 1st, 2008

    Yesterday I talked about Mistresses who could make you cry. Gia Darling‘s newest title, Gia Darling Will Kick Your Ass might make you feel the same way. This DVD is as thrilling and *HOT* as the title implies, with Mistress Gia taking full advantage of her new torture chamber. Also featuring Mistress Berlin, Mistress Nicolette, Mistress Gemini, Mistress Jeannine, Jesse, and Ms. J, this feature will have you begging for more. In one segment (Gia’s Forced Feminization experiment), you don’t get a choice. Womanhood will be instilled whether you like it or not. It’s Forced Feminization with a Transsexual twist!

    According to Shemale Video Direct:

    Gia Darling is a tall, bodacious blonde who made a decision many years ago to live her life as a woman. Unfortunately, one cannot say the same for the men her and her friends come into contact with. In Gias Forced Feminization experiment, one does not get a choice- womanhood will be instilled, whether you like it or not. This is Forced Feminization with a Transsexual twist!
    Gia Darling and Mistress Berlin have been prepping their torture chamber and awaiting the right opportunity to try it out, when an unsuspecting insurance salesman shows up at their door. Gia welcomes him in with a warm, lovely smile and a whole lot of cleavage. Mistress Berlin is not as cordial, and sits her experiment on the floor where she starts to verbally torture him. Mistress Berlin is a hot red head with big tits and very long legs. She pulls out his cock, spanking and slapping around his puny man-clit. Gia gets in on the action, feeding him the heel of her long black boot. They dress him in girly shorts with the word “sissy” written across his backside, and then tie him up from the ceiling with leather straps. Gia exposes her more masculine side, pulling out her 7 inch chubby girl clit, as Berlin straps on a 12 inch black dong. This insurance guy is barely packing 5 inches himself, yet he is about to swallow 7 inches of Gia with his mouth and another 12 in his ass, compliments of Mistress Berlin and her big black dong. But first, they put him in a girls wig and 1 piece dress, as Gia warms up his fuck chute and Mistress Belin prepares to force her black monster straight up his shitter, minus any lube. He sucks Gias cock till she orgasms in his mouth, at which point they make him jerk himself off as they grafitti his body with red lipstick. “Whorella” and “clit” adorns his chest and genitalia, while “pussy” is written above the crack of his ass. Whorella comes on himself and then devours his own load; before the girls decide they have no further use for him.

    Mistress Nicolette tells Gia about a fan of hers who wants to serve the both of them. A tall white boy comes over to put himself at the mercy of the girls. Mistress Nicolette must have been a girl scout, as she secures his cock and nuts with a complex knot. Gia gets a round of cock slapping in before turning her attention to his backside. She beats his ass red while Mistress Nicolette strokes his cock and then whacks his ass silly. The girls giggle, as they clamp his nipples and torture his tied up meat. He sucks Gias long and skinny heels as Nicolette straps on a huge dildo and shoves it down his throat, before turning his mouth loose on Gias bulging boner. Gia switches to his ass, as he grunts like a pig getting fucked in the barnyard. Nicolette is kind, as she eases the huge dildo up his ass, while he sucks on Gias manhood like a pacifier. His pinched off nuts start to turn blue and his sack looks ready to pop, as Nicolette fills his ass and Gia offloads a healthy one in his mouth. He then jerks himself off and thanks his two mistresses for the pleasure.

    Mistress Gemini and Mistress Jeannine come home to find their slave boy picking through some stuff without their permission. He receives his punishment in the form of a stiff spanking to start. They lay him on the table and tie up his cock and balls. They sit on his face and snap clothes pins on his blood thirsty sack. They spank his ass and examine his skinny pussy hole. They take turns turning his cock different shades of red before dressing him in a pink dress with blonde wig. This fresh, new cock slut gets on her knees and sucks Jeannines cock while Gemini double hand jams his ass. They keep their new slut on all fours while Jeannine starts to fuck her from behind and Gemini force feeds him a large serving of rubber cock. It is time to switch things around, as he begs Mistress Gemini to spread his hole and stuff him full of her huge plastic weapon. She loosens up his sissy ass and fucks him just like the slut he is. Jeannine is ready to blow and lands it on the table, where their slave licks it up and then cums for herself. Fresh out of her cock and straight in her mouth, as she licks it all off the table.
    Jesse is a lovely blonde shemale who is ready for her first forced feminization experiment with Ms. J. Ms. J is a tall brunette with big tits and very long legs. Her interviewee arrives and is quickly disrobed and bent over with his hands tied behind his back. He thinks he is with two hot girls until Jesse flashes him her cock. They muzzle him to keep him quiet and put clamps on his nipples. They tie his cock and nuts up with red wire before spanking his white ass silly. They bend his legs back behind his ears and continue to brutaliuze his bunghole. He is not a very obediant slave, as Ms. J prys finger after finger into his virgin anus and he shouts obsenities through his muzzle. They take off the muzzle to replace it with Jesses hard cock instead to keep him quiet. He does not seem to complain too much when Jesse lands her shlong in his rear end. They keep him quiet with a black rubber dong in his mouth, as Jesse feeds him a taste of her sausage through his ass. She fucks away and pulls it out to cum on his cock and pubes. He gets on his knees to stroke one off and onto the floor. The girls conclude that this one did not pass the interview.

    Specials include cum shot recaps, photo gallery, trailers and websites

    Buy your copy today…or Gia Darling Will Kick Your Ass!

    And because I’m scared of Gia Darling, too, here’s a perfect opportunity to purchase more of her DVDs to complete your collection.

    Here and Here.

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