Nody Nadia Teases with Her “Fuck Me” Heels

nodynadia6002 300x450 Nody Nadia Teases with Her Fuck Me Heelsnodynadia6097 300x450 Nody Nadia Teases with Her Fuck Me Heels

What a bangin’ hot body like Nody Nadia, I’m surprised she even bothers to wear clothes. In her latest scene on Black TGirls, Nody Nadia is hanging out poolside at Buddy Wood’s house, but despite wearing a skimpy bikini, we know she has no intention of getting wet. Instead she teases us with those red “fuck me” heels and a look that would make any man’s dick go rock hard.

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nodynadia6091 300x450 Nody Nadia Teases with Her Fuck Me Heelsnodynadia6067 300x450 Nody Nadia Teases with Her Fuck Me Heels

Shemale.XXX Goes to Bangkok 3 Now Available for Purchase

smxbgk3sleeve 600x398 Shemale.XXX Goes to Bangkok 3 Now Available for Purchase

Chatsworth, CA – Grooby Productions and Third World Media have started shipping Goes To Bangkok #3 which is on sale at Shemale Video Direct now.

According to CEO Steven Grooby, “Directed by Frank from Frank’s TGirl World, this DVD definitely encapsulates Frank’s distinctive style, and features five scenes with ladyboys: Alice, Benz, Emma, Game and Wan.” Director Frank added, ‘ Goes To Bangkok #3 follows the adventures of Christian as he travels through Bangkok in search of the horniest shemales in town”. “If you like seeing sexy ladyboys getting fucked by a horny American like Christian, this title will definitely deliver the goods.”

Grooby Productions’ previous release, Buddy Wood’s The Tranny Chaser #2: Confessions Of A Poolboy, was called the most awaited transsexual release of 2014 by Apache Warrior at X-Critic, and is currently the #40 Bestseller at Adult DVD Empire. Sales Manager at Third World Media David Peskin added, “We expect the same great thing’s in this latest installment of the Goes To Bangkok series.”

For sales inquiries, contact or (877) 313-3937, ext. 104.

Grooby Productions is a company founded in 1996 and based in Los Angeles, CA, producing transgender online adult entertainment. It established itself as one of the pioneer companies of online adult transgender entertainment with its website Shemale Yum, “the first transsexual pay site with original content.”

The company owns a number of transsexual adult websites and produces its own DVD line distributed by Third World Media, as well as having other interests in forums, blogs and social networking within the transsexual niche genre including the Tranny Awards.

It has been called as “one of the most popular adult industry companies in the world” and according to AVN Business, the company “has established itself among the Net’s foremost purveyors of transgender erotica.”

Pumping Iron with Jordan Jay

IMG 9816 copy 300x450 Pumping Iron with Jordan JayIMG 9808 copy 300x450 Pumping Iron with Jordan Jay

Ever wonder how the beautiful Jordan Jay keeps her sexy figure? Well, she spends lots of time at the gym! It does get pretty distracting to other gym goers, though, watching her work those glutes. Enjoy this tantalizing solo scene from UK’s finest! We think she should host her own workout show so we can watch her all day.

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IMG 9802 copy 300x450 Pumping Iron with Jordan JayIMG 9792 copy 300x450 Pumping Iron with Jordan Jay

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Brazilian Beauty Sheylla Wandergirlt Wins Big at Miss Mem De Sa

miss.memdesa008 600x900 Brazilian Beauty Sheylla Wandergirlt Wins Big at Miss Mem De Sa

Our photographer Luiz sent us some awesome pictures from Miss MEM De Sa in Brazil. Everyone looked stunning, but a big congratulations go to the winner, Sheylla Wandergirlt!

BRAZ Brazilian Beauty Sheylla Wandergirlt Wins Big at Miss Mem De Sa

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Score 30 Days at TS Seduction for only $19.95! Limited Time Offer!

tsseduction campaigner header1 Score 30 Days at TS Seduction for only $19.95! Limited Time Offer!

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Catching Up with TS Star Allanah Starr

10580153 1449069872045442 2446176201718672970 n 600x776 Catching Up with TS Star Allanah Starr

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with the always lovely Allanah Starr. Although she has retired from the adult industry, she’s been quite busy in the last few years. Need an Allanah refresher first? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered so you can get yourself up to date.

Allanah Starr was born in Cuba and emigrated to the United States at the age five along with her family escaping political persecution. Her father had been a political prisoner and a radical anti-communist, so they were granted permission to migrate. At first, her family briefly relocated to New Jersey but permanently settled in Miami where she grew up. Always an advanced and honor student but severely bullied at school, she decided to overcome her shyness and fears at the age of 15 by enrolling in speech and debate and drama courses. They worked, and her desire to perform blossomed so much that her first performance in drag was at the age of 16 in a high school talent competition with the German Club (a production of Julie Brown’s ‘The Homecoming Queen Has Got A Gun’ as the female lead) in which she won.

Having a desire to study acting but being denied so by her parents, Allanah decided to enroll in fashion college. It was during this time that Starr developed a career as a performance artist in Miami Beach during the mid 90′s under the name Damian Dee-Vine. She was a club kid that became well known for her outrageous costumes, make up, and performances in the media and social circuit. She went on to achieve nightclub fame and performed for the likes of Madonna at her 32nd birthday party (which was chronicled years later by her brother in his book Life With My Sister Madonna), Gianni Versace’s parties at his home before his death, and other high profile celebrity and corporate events. She then took a job at the famed restaurant Lucky Chengs where she worked until its’ closure in Miami Beach. It was during that time that Allanah began to physically change to female. Allanah always felt extremely effeminate and she describes her transition as an “evolvement of her femininity” since “I just changed the outside to match what I always felt inside of me. The change was purely cosmetic, I’ve always felt the same internally”. This also commenced her long love affair with cosmetic surgery, thus far having over 60 cosmetic surgeries and thousands of cosmetic procedures.

Feeling a desire to divert paths, in 1999 she moved to New York and surprisingly decided to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry. She has said of this ‘I had just finished my first long term relationship as a transsexual woman and I was jaded. I was jaded at love and at the fact that most men I met saw me as a sexual exploit. I then carefully decided that no one would ever exploit me, I would exploit myself, I was to be in charge of my sexuality and gender and no one else’”. She began as a web model, opened her own site, and then began acting in films. Allanah became one of the world’s most famous transsexual adult film actresses. She was one of the first transsexuals to hold a contract with a major production studio, made XXX history by filming the first ever male to female sex scene with a female to male transsexual (her good friend Buck Angel), had a line of adult toys molded after her likeness, and in 2008 was awarded the highest honor an adult performer can receive the AVN Transsexual Performer Of The Year Award (consider it a porn Oscar, if you will). During this time she also revived the trans party scene in Manhattan, by establishing monthly themed extravaganzas and weekly events that still run to date.

In 2009 Allanah decided to take a break from the adult world and by chance was asked by artist Marc Quinn to pose along side Buck Angel in London for a series of sculptures. She was immortalized in two life size bronze sculptures (one which depicted the couple as a modern day Adam and Eve and the other in a sexual position) for his sensational show in London that debuted at The White Cube Gallery in 2010 along side sculptures of Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson. The sculptures have since travelled in different exhibitions worldwide and are part of private collections. Longing to fulfill a life long dream to live in Europe, she decided to leave New York and settled first in London then in Paris in 2010. It was there that she she met Emmauel D’ Orazio and Marc Zafutto and with their encouragement became a showgirl once more. She made her Paris debut at Espace Cardin for a Club Sandwich party riding a mechanical bull. Since, she has gone on to perform at legendary Paris clubs like Maxim’s, Castel, Rasputin and has travelled through France and Europe performing in nightclubs, private events, and charity events like The Life Ball in Vienna. Under the suggestion of Mr. Zafutto, Allanah wrote her first one woman show An Evening With Allanah Starr: The Life Of A Real Woman With A Fake Passport which debuted to much fanfare at Rasputin in December of 2013. The art work for the show was designed by artist and friend Ali Mahdavi. Currently, the show is being prepared for a longer Paris run with tours to start internationally in New York. During this time she also appeared of the cover of Phillip Toledano’s photography book and exhibition ‘A New Kind Of Beauty’, in the artwork and book of Jeremy Kost, and in a pictorial as Dolly Parton shot by Ali Madhavi for Candy Magazine.

In the Spring of 2014 Allanah made history by being the first ever transsexual to perform on the stage of the world famous Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris at a private party for the fashion house of Balmain under the direction of Olivier Rousteing . Those in the audience included Rhianna and Jessica Alba. Allanah performed a solo of ‘Champagne Tastes’ by Eartha Kitt, then appeared in the finale with the Crazy Horse girls. She has described this as one of the highlights of her performance career.

Currently, Allanah lives with her pet taxidermy baby lion Gloria in between Paris and New York and continues to perform, model and is developing an auto biographical multi media art show. She spends her free time reading, watching classic films, shopping, and occasionally sacrificing virgins.

[GROOBY] You left New York for Europe, what made you choose to move?

[ALLANAH] It was purely accidental. I had reached a point where I felt very stale in NYC and wanted to a change in my life. I had always dreamed to try living in London and Paris but I had so many commitments in the US, that it was just a dream. I wanted to travel a lot so I started out with Northern Europe and I ended up in London, a city which I love and had visited many times. Afterwards, I went to Paris, initially for a month then all of a sudden things started happening for me, I made a new family here and got back into performing.

[GROOBY] What kind of performing are you doing?

[ALLANAH] I do all kinds of things, mostly a combination of burlesque, comedy, and performance art. Mostly at different parties and private events throughout Europe. I developed a one woman show, which chronicles the story of my life through monologues and 8 musical numbers which was received very well ad will hopefully have another run soon. Mostly recently I developed a show as painted from head to toe as the Andy Warhol Marylin.

[GROOBY] It seems like you changed course completely from being an adult entertainer to an entertainer?

[ALLANAH] Well, before I went into the XXX world I performed for several years in nightclubs, pageants, and parties across the US. That was actually my career for a long time until I decided to move in XXX. I just had retired from it because I had not been inspired to do it again. In Paris that all changed.

[GROOBY] You have had a lot of opportunities to work with different artists and perform at some legendary institutions in Paris. Can you tell us what is the most memorable?

[ALLANAH] I would say for sure the Marc Quinn statues with Buck Angel would be a major highlight. I am very proud to have been part of that. Performance wise would be when I got to perform at the Crazy Horse earlier this year for the fashion house of Balmain. It was incredible to be on that stage, absolutely terrifying but incredible, And to be in the finale with those amazing girls on stage, well it was beyond my wildest dreams. Then Rhianna told me after the show that I was wonderful, and that made it even more surreal.

[GROOBY] In terms of XXX, have you retired?

[ALLANAH] I get asked this question a lot. After I won the AVN award, I needed break and that break sort of became an extended one. There was really no reason why, and there still is not. I just wanted to concentrate on my events and other ventures at the time. I do feel like I had done all I wanted to do within that realm and did not know what else I wanted to communicate. I have not officially retired, because you know, one should never say, ‘never’.

[GROOBY] Tell us about your parties in NYC, they continue without you?

[ALLANAH] Yes, they do, every SATURDAY night! I am very much involved in them still and when I am in New York I attend. I have been doing events now for about 10 years in the city non stop.. People are often confused because I am not physically there, they think I am not involved but I am. I just happen to be very lucky to have a great team that I work with that has kept this going. I started at a time when there were hardly any parties around and we were able to do these major events, along with Grooby who have always been major sponsors and supporters. The scene has changed very much, and so have the parties but we are still here.

[GROOBY] You have had a long relationship with Grooby?

[ALLANAH] Oh yes. It was Tony V discovered me and did my first ever nude pictorial. From then on we went on to do a lot together. So much of my career is owed to Grooby. They have been great partners and great friends and great supporters.

[GROOBY] Tell us about the Bikini party this Saturday August 16 and what someone can expect who attends?

[ALLANAH] Everyone can expect to have a great time! As I said, this has been 10 years running so I would like to think my parties have a good reputation and are well known with the community. We sometimes do theme events, and this Saturday is one of them. There of course will be beautiful girls and lots of surprises all night long. And as I said, we are there every Saturday. Same trans time, same tras channel!

[GROOBY] What are you working on for the future?

[ALLANAH] At the moment I am working on my one woman show and just signed on to be the lead showgirl at a new party in Paris starting in October. There is also a new disco party one a month I will be entertaining at and I am also working on expanding the Warhol Marylin performance piece and will be curating an art show that will incorporate different mediums surrounding this concept. Soon, I will also launch a new site non XXX site that will be part informative, part fan club, and part interactive but very personal. So a lot going on!

[GROOBY] Last words for this interview?

[ALLANAH] In the words of Josephine Baker , ‘J’ai deux amours, mon pays et Paris’. Which means: I have two loves, my country and Paris. And that is very true for me. And I love you Grooby and all of you reading this. Thank you for your support, it means the world to me.

1053050 10200163711671770 963563835 o 600x391 Catching Up with TS Star Allanah Starr

i BB79wVZ L 600x428 Catching Up with TS Star Allanah Starr



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TS Madison Becomes Star of ‘Wait A Minute’ Web Series

ts madison 600x315 TS Madison Becomes Star of Wait A Minute Web Series

World of Wonder just made a stellar move by offering transgender viral vine sensation TS Madison her own web series — fittingly called “Wait A Minute.”

Madison has made waves over the last several months with the queen laying out her views surrounding hot-button queer issues with no filter whatsoever.

“Oh child…it really makes me happy to be able to get soooo many things off my chest, in a positive way!” TS Madison said in a statement sent to The Huffington Post. “I mean ranting is something that really flows naturally from the Doll (me).”

Check out the first episode in “Wait A Minute” above for invaluable advice like “always read good books… and bad people” and stay tuned for more from this hilarious Queen of Vine.

Source: Huffington Post

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Up and Cummer Brittany Snow

brittanysnowchancestallion1146 600x400 Up and Cummer Brittany Snow

Gorgeous young transgirl Brittany Snow returns for a smoking hot hardcore sex scene on Shemale Yum! TS Brittany has a sexy pale body, big tits, a hungry ass and a delicious cock! Watch as Brittany gives Chance a hot blowjob before she lets him fuck her juicy ass hard in every position imaginable!

Cock Sucking Brittany Snow on Shemale Yum!

brittanysnowchancestallion1068 300x450 Up and Cummer Brittany Snow brittanysnowchancestallion1129 300x450 Up and Cummer Brittany Snow

Trans Men Adventures Now Available for Purchase at Shemale Video Direct

transmenadvf 300x428 Trans Men Adventures Now Available for Purchase at Shemale Video Directtransmenadvb 300x428 Trans Men Adventures Now Available for Purchase at Shemale Video Direct

You can now purchase Michelle Austin’s Trans Men Adventures on DVD at Shemale Video Direct! In this  DVD, Kennston Productions and FTM Fucker teamed up together in their first full length feature. The first full length movie featuring trans men with a trans woman (FTM/MTF), directed by FTM porn star and Tranny Award Winner James Darling. Starring Michelle Austin, James Darling, Fritz Von Fuckup, Chance Armstrong, and Parker Reed.

FTM porn is still fairly new to the porn world and thanks to big names like Buck Angel and James Darling, the sight of trans men on the net has become widely popular. Kennston Productions has teamed up with one of the pioneers in FTM porn, James Darling and FTM Fucker, to bring fans Michelle Austin’s Trans Men Adventures. This is the first time Michelle Austin has essayed a “top” role, with some of the hottest men of FTM porn by her side. The DVD features James Darling, Chance Armstrong, Fritz Von Fuckup and Parker Reed. Each scene has its own unique storyline with Michelle and one of the guys.

For this DVD, each scene is unique. In Michelle’s scene with James Darling, they play a 1950s husband and wife duo in a scene called “Mr. and Mrs. Beaver,” complete with astro-turf and all! Chance Armstrong, the body builder himself, plays with Michelle in a hot scene called “A Chance Workout”— and after his workout, he comes back to fuck his girl! The hottie Fritz Von Fuckup is an RA at the university that Michelle is at. She is caught smoking and drinking in her dorm in “Dorm Room Fuckup.” Last but not least, Michelle introduces new-guy Parker Reed in “Grindr Hookup.”

This DVD brings a different look and take on porn, and Austin hopes that it will appeal to both men and women. “I am so excited to help bring FTM porn to a more mainstream audience. Teaming up with James has been a dream come true. We have uniquely worked hard to bring this project together. We are just thrilled to have the DVD actually come to life,” Austin said.

To learn more about the DVD, click here to buy the DVD, get clips or see on VOD. For wholesale sales, click here for more information.

Buy Trans Men Adventures on DVD


Karabella the Tutor

karabella robhc3.amp .028 300x450 Karabella the Tutorkarabella robhc3.amp .095 300x450 Karabella the Tutor

Rob is having trouble in class, so he hired a tutor to help him with his studies. Little did he know that a hot tgirl like tutor like Karabella would knock on his door. Rob can’t seem to concentrate with her sitting next to him. She grows frustrated and horny with the situation and without meaning to, she realizes she’s hard under her skirt. She wants to wait until their lesson is finished, but she can’t wait and whips out her cock for Rob to suck. Instead of letting him fuck her, however, she decides to take control of the situation and slams her cock into his ass. Like a real tutor, she shows him how it’s done!

karabella robhc3.amp .022 300x450 Karabella the Tutorkarabella robhc3.amp .147 300x450 Karabella the Tutor

How does tutor Karabella control the situation? The answer will surprise you.

A Jewel like Dahlia Diamond

dahliadiamond5094 600x400 A Jewel like Dahlia Diamond

Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes. Give us more of Dahlia Diamond any time. Her latest scene on Shemale Yum is a sultry treat thanks to Buddy Wood. An LA native,  Dahlia is a petite tgirl but has curves where it counts. Looks like the SoCal sunshine has done Dahlia’s body good.

dahliadiamond5010 300x450 A Jewel like Dahlia Diamonddahliadiamond5054 300x450 A Jewel like Dahlia Diamond


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Iconic Sex and her Iconic Cock

iconicsex2002 600x400 Iconic Sex and her Iconic Cock

With a name like Iconic Sex, you’d better make sure that you can deliver the goods. Fortunately, trans performer Iconic Sex knows how to make her fans hard with desire. I mean, just look at her latest scene on Black TGirls, she oozes with sensuality and knows how to tease the camera. Her tits are big and soft, but her cock is big and HARD. It’s so thick that it hangs there when she’s not completely turned on.  Her tits are 38 DD, so if you’re nice, maybe she’ll let you use them as pillow to rest your head or cock.

iconicsex2036 300x450 Iconic Sex and her Iconic Cockiconicsex2080 300x450 Iconic Sex and her Iconic Cock


The 2015 TEA Party to be Held at the Bardot in Hollywood

TEA Afterparty Flyer12 600x882 The 2015 TEA Party to be Held at the Bardot in Hollywood

Editorial: It’s time to end the ban against transgender soldiers

la ed transgender soldiers 20140724 001 600x337 Editorial: Its time to end the ban against transgender soldiers

(source:  LA Times)

What does transgenderism have in common with drug abuse and schizophrenia? According to the Department of Defense, they are all reasons to bar people from military service.

The repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” may have ended the ban on openly gay and lesbian troops, but a ban remains in place for an estimated 15,000 transgender troops, who must serve in secret or not at all. This groundless policy not only weakens the military, it stigmatizes transgenderism and deprives military personnel and veterans of the transgender-specific healthcare they need — even as other federal programs such as Medicare have lifted similar restrictions.

Military regulations have lagged behind on issues of civil rights for centuries. Commanding officers use the same reasoning to ban transgender troops that they previously did to ban female and gay troops: They’re not fit for battle. It will harm unit cohesion. Yet time and again, these assertions have proved to be unfounded.

The Palm Center, a think tank at San Francisco State University that focuses on LGBT issues in the military, put these archaic notions to rest earlier this year in a study co-chaired by former Surgeon Gen. Joycelyn Elders and Rear Adm. Alan M. Steinman, MD. The report declared that “there is no compelling medical rationale to exclude transgender people from military service, and eliminating the ban would enable commanders to better care for their troops.” Retired Brig. Gen. Thomas A. Kolditz, who served on the commission, predicted that ending the ban would reduce harassment, assaults and suicides.

If the military is unswayed by the research, perhaps it should consider the story of Kristin Beck. For 20 years, Beck served in the Navy SEALs, seeing 13 deployments, most of them in combat, and earning an impressive slate of military awards and decorations, including a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart. In 2013, Beck came out as a trans woman after years of hiding her true identity. “No one ever met the real me,” she told CNN’s Anderson Cooper later that year.

In May, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel told ABC News that he was open to reviewing the transgender ban, and President Obama signed an executive order on Monday that includes formal protection of transgender federal employees from discrimination at work.

When it comes to issues of civil rights, Obama, like most politicians, has allowed public opinion to dictate his actions. Progress has been made, but at an infuriatingly slow pace. If this president hopes to be remembered for advancing equality, he won’t wait any longer on this issue. The military is not only America’s largest employer, it’s an important face we present to the world — and no place for discrimination.

Follow the Opinion section on Twitter @latimesopinion

Note: This piece originally appeared on the LA Times.

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5 Things Not to Say to a Transgender Person (and 3 Things You Should)

800px Transgender Pride flag.svg 600x300 5 Things Not to Say to a Transgender Person (and 3 Things You Should)

(source: Huffington Post by Jennifer Finney Boylan)

1. “Hey, you! Have you had ‘the surgery’?”

This is kind of like someone coming up to you and asking about your vagina or penis. No, wait, it’s exactly like that. While there are some trans folks who are eager to start blabbering away about their nether regions, most of us consider our private parts, you know, private. Go figure.

2. “Do you love RuPaul? How about that Rocky Horror Picture Show?!”

It’s important to understand the difference between drag culture and trans reality. The former can be about performance, exaggeration, and entertainment; the latter is about people’s actual lives. Plenty of transgender people have begun their journeys in the drag community, and you will find many trans folks who adore all of the subversive, transgressive energy that drag can bring. But many of are uneasy when our lives are mistaken for “performance,” and it’s disrespectful to trans people to conflate the two.

As for Rocky Horror, here’s another delightful piece of subversive drag culture, made more enjoyably depraved over the years by the legendary participation of its audiences at the film’s midnight screenings. All of that is great. But remember that, while Frank N. Furter sings that he’s a “transsexual transvestite from Transylvania,” he’s surely not an actual trans woman any more than Al Jolson in blackface is actually Thurgood Marshall.

3. “So you must love that Judith Butler!”

OK, so plenty of transgender people love Butler’s groundbreaking work, which has to be respected for the way it brought the term “gender binary” (as in, “reject the gender binary”) into the vernacular (among other good reasons). But there are plenty of us who kind of sigh when we encounter a sentence like “If there is a sexual domain that is excluded from the Symbolic and can potentially expose the Symbolic as hegemonic rather than totalizing in its reach, it must be possible to locate this excluded domain either within or outside that economy and to strategize its intervention in terms of the placement.”

It’s worth remembering that for many trans people, our lives are not a clever academic theory but a daily struggle against violence and a difficult search for dignity and respect. If you’re talking to a trans person, make sure that you are thinking of them as an individual whose fight for identity is real, not as a person whose identity is some kind of scholarly abstraction.

4. “Can you can have an orgasm?”

Again, getting kind of personal with this one, aren’t you? Most trans people, post-surgery, are perfectly capable of orgasm, but perhaps it’s understandable if this isn’t the first thing folks want to talk about with a stranger. Author Kate Bornstein, in answering this question, playfully observed, “The plumbing works, and so does the electricity.” So, OK, the answer turns out to be The Hell Yes. But whenever someone asks me this question, I think of the story of the guy who kept asking his parrot, “Can you talk? Can you talk?” and at last the parrot says, “Actually, yes, I can talk. Can you fly?”

5. “You know who I feel sorry for? Your children.”

This is a classic way of being judgmental while pretending to be nonjudgmental. As it turns out, most trans people’s children are exactly as screwed-up, or not, as anyone else’s children. But it isn’t having a trans parent that affects children, either for the better or the worse. What damages children is other people treating their families with disrespect.

Three Good Questions to Ask a Transgender Person:

1. “How are you?”

By which I mean approach a trans person with exactly the same respect and open-heartedness with which you’d approach anyone else. In the same way that you wouldn’t begin a conversation with a stranger by inquiring about their race, their spiritual beliefs, or their politics, you probably wouldn’t want “So you’re transgender?” to be the first words out of your mouth. Many of us would rather not talk about what makes us different, especially with strangers. Many of us would rather talk, at least at first, about the things we have in common.

2. “Do you mind if I talk to you about some gender stuff?”

If you’ve established a rapport with a trans person and feel that the conversation has reached a point where Going There would be respectful, proceed with caution and see just how willing your new friend is to have at it. Most of us are happy to talk about the issues, at least in a general way, if we think we can do so in an atmosphere that feels safe.

3. “Are there books you’d recommend I’d read?”

When I first published my memoir, She’s Not There, a dozen years ago, there were precious few books that seemed to address our issues with much subtlety, or with any literary quality; that field was reserved pretty much for Kate Bornstein and her groundbreaking Gender Outlaw. Now there are lots of good books, by authors such as Helen Boyd, Jameson Green, Leslie Feinberg, and, yes, Judith Butler. I published a memoir of being a transgender parent this spring, Stuck in the Middle With You, as well as the updated anniversary edition of She’s Not There, which includes a new epilogue by my wife Deirdre Grace. Both of those books are available from Random House and other booksellers.

Two other recent standouts include Janet Mock’s Redefining Realness, the first transition memoir to also address issues of gender theory, not to mention the unique challenges faced by trans people of color like Mock. And the brand-new Trans Bodies/Trans Selves, edited by Laura Erickson-Schroth (and with an introduction by me), is a 600-plus-page resource guide from Oxford University Press, containing information on identity, love, transition, and politics, written by trans people for trans people.

Finally, your own Jenny Boylan has just published a new novella, I’ll Give You Something to Cry About (Shebooks). This novella tells the story of the Riley family, traveling from Maine to Washington, D.C., to see their young son perform “The Flight of the Bumblebee” at Ford’s Theatre. But most of the drama focuses on 16-year-old Alex, a teenager who has just gone through transition. This is the first time I’ve written a piece of fiction for adults about trans identity, and I hope readers will find Alex an inspiring character, giving life, humor, and dignity to the experience of trans men and women.

I should also mention Alex’s grandmother, Gammie, who is in the car as well. In the opening scene she looks out the window to see a group of chefs leaning against a wall. “What happened?” she yells out the window. “Somebody spoil the broth?”

For more information on Jenny Boylan’s titles, click here.

This post was originally featured on the Huffington Post.